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Infiniti represents the luxury division owned by Japanese automaker Nissan. The division was created and sold its first vehicle in 1989 in North America.

Although not used in Japan, the Infiniti marque was sold under the Nissan Skyline model while retaining the Infiniti badge. Most of the older Infiniti models have a direct equivalent in the Nissan lineup sold in Japan.

The purpose of Infiniti cars at the time of its introduction in North America was to target the luxury/premium segment and also to compete against other JDM manufacturer’s own luxury divisions such as Lexus and Acura.

The first two models launched by Infiniti were the Q45 and the M30, The Q48 was offered with a 278hp V8 engine unit and feats such as an active suspension, optional four-wheel steering. With such features, the Q45 would’ve been a proper competitor for BMW’s 7 Series or Mercedes’ S-Class.

In 1992, Infiniti launched an entry-level luxury sedan called the J30. However, it was replaced four years later by the I series and later on, in 2002, by the Infiniti G35.

During the 90s, Infiniti also released compact models such as the G20 and large class SUVs such as the QX4. The Infiniti QX4 represented basically a premium version of the Nissan Pathfinder sold in Europe and Japan. With the QX4, Infiniti became one of the first automakers to provide a premium SUV in the mid-size segment.

Found close to the brink of bankruptcy, Infiniti came back into financial balance with the 2003 G35 model that boosted sales. Infinity continued its ascension with the redesigned G35 revealed in 2007 and later one, with the Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) showcased at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. As of 2013, Infiniti started an aggressive marketing campaign intended to push the brand into the premium car segment with models such as the QX crossovers and SUVs and the Q sedans.

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