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Audi represents a German automotive brand that specializes in luxury vehicles. Audi has its roots in Inglostadt, Bavaria, Germany. However, production is spread worldwide, making Audi one of the higher production automotive brands in Europe.

The actual origins of the company go as far as the 20th century when engineer August Horch created Horch and Audiwerke. In 1932, the company merged with DKW and Wanderer to create Auto Union. However, it took until the early 1960s for Audi to actually become a brand, when Volkswagen purchased the division from Daimler Benz.

The modern form of Audi was obtained when Volkswagen merged Auto Union with NSU Motorenwerke. As the logo of Audi goes, each of the four rings represent the companies that blended together to form the automaker.

Audi started mass producing during the late 60s, some of the recognizable models of the era being the Audi 100 and the Audi 80. A decade later, during the 70s, the German automaker delivered Audi 50, which were to be later turned into VW Golf, one of the most successful cars in the world in the decades to come.

Motorsport industry benefited from Audi, the producer releasing an iconic rally unit back in 1980. The Audi Quattro was a turbocharged coupe that dominated the World Rally Championship. A road-legal production version of the quattro was released, featuring the first all-wheel drive system via a center differential.

During the 90s, Audi cars targeted higher end luxury segments, competing against BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Models like the Audi 100 featuring a V8 engine and turbocharged five-cylinder S2 and S4 were representative for the brand at that time. Audi saw another quick rise in sales during the beginning of 2000 and went kept rising as the most profitable marquee of Volkswagen Group in that period. On the motorsport side, Audi went on to compete in various areas, winning considerable prizes in World Endurance Championship, including the famous 24H of LeMans race.

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