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Also known as convertibles or cabriolets, cabrio represents a body style that mixes the open-top experience with a roofed car for when the elements get angry and it starts pouring. Cabrio cars allow the driver to switch between the open-air mode and the closed-up one, either automatically or manually, depending on the make and model of the car.

Full convertibles make use of a retractable roof which is adapted to a fabric cover. The cover gets folded when the roof is retracted. There is also a less used version with a hardtop that’s completely detachable. The advantage of a hardtop is better protection against rain and snow and better safety factors. Systems have been developed that allow automatic hardtop roof removal and storage into its designed space near the trunk of the car.

Semiconvertibles or cabrio coaches differentiate via windows (full framed) which are retained on the doors when the roof is taken off.

A folding textile roof on cabrio cars provide great all-round visibility and dramatically increases ventilation. It also makes it very easy to enter and exit the vehicle and to some extent, it allows trasportation of large objects. On the other hand, a textile roof provides little to almost no safety when it comes to roll-over crashes. Furthermore, break-in protection is highly limited and the fabric will deteriorate over time when exposed to sunlight.

A retractable hardtop is generally automated and consists of multiple components, being also self-storing. Since hardtops are better weatherproof, harder to break-in and provide a higher safety level in crashes compared to soft tops, they’ve become a popular choice when choosing a cabrio. Retractable hardtops can be made from either steel, plastic or lightweight aluminum. The self-storing system also ensures that luggage cannot be loaded in the trunk in such way that it would prevent the hardtop from coming back up when needed.

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