When we say GT-R, you say 2018. And so on until its debut


GT-R was the uebercar (and if we knew how to spell ueber in Japanese, we would have used it) that changed the scores of the more radical drivers. Or hardcore, if you want us to be underground or poetic. It was the reinvented absolute viciousness in 2007. This is when people started to hear stories about the Skyline model. People wouldn’t even call it a Nissan.

It seemed that this was not another page in the Nissan’s supercars history. If we would have called it SUPRAcar, then we would have been in its rival’s backyard, Toyota. But, the Skyline was first presented in 1957 and it was called Prince. Interesting enough, a year later the Artist formerly known as … Prince was born. That is how the stars line up in equations with great and historical names.

During the 60 years until today, the Skyline was subjected to 14 visible transformations, of the engines, powers, and technology. It was always an above average car from its performances point of view. The first model featured an in-line 4-cylinder and 1.5-litre engine of 60 horsepower. And its latest update, some 60 years later, is Nismo, a devilish car of 600 horsepower. Its price is much higher than any of its versions, 160.000 Euros. A standard GT-R starts from 100.000 Euros. The strongest series engine in a GT-R in its over half a century history is a 3.8-litre V6 engine and is capable of generating 570 horsepower. Numbers are relevant: 2.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 320 km/h electronically limited top speed.

Surely, during all these years, we cannot talk about 14 distinctive models. Among them there were racing models, some limited editions, for race tracks, or with manual or sequential gearboxes.

This is why we are duty-bound to a fabulous history of a car model which was not produced for the above-average customers or the real sports car enthusiasts. Nissan GT-R Skyline – surname and forename – has inspired all automotive performances industry, it has been a rival which generated competition and that always delivered: power, thrill and speed and those 2-3 seconds of supreme happiness.

Autobild.de wrote that the new GT-R is expected to be launched this 2018. This is one of the future Nissan models, together with Leaf – the best sold electric vehicle, Note and Juke. What we see here is a 3D replay by Andrei Avarvarii. Andrei used as source the Vision Gran Turismo concept, presented in 2014 at Goodwood. The power predicted by the Germans of Autobild is around 700 horsepower generated by one thermal engine and one electric engine. Which means that the GT-R might be a hybrid model.

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