Inspection when buying a used car


Used car purchase without risk

An inspection carried out when buying a car even makes sense in every case. How to buy a used car can be without risk, if they have ruled out potential sources of error.

These essential things you need to inspect before buying a car:

• Information on the current value of the used car
• Report on the maintenance of the used car
• Vouchers, receipts, etc., etc. incurred on repairs

Some used car buyers used car deals to answer with great anxiety. But this is not necessary, a more detailed review and inspection of cars, however, is always justified.

First examine the outside the used car. If the new color is to ask the staff about the used car has been painted. Be wary of statements, etc. on a €100 repainting. Such statements will face any major problems, such as subject to rust spots distracting.

Second check bumpers and wheel wells for signs of rust, dents or coats work for your inspection. Then, check the entire used car to perfection, forgetting not the underside of the car. Rust on outside areas indicates additional rust in opaque posts.

Third check the pages of the used cars just as thoroughly as the front and back for signs of body repairs. Note discrepancies are the edges of the hood and the door panels in a line with the wing and other panels. Looks the part set correctly. If the gaps – the gaps between the individual parts of the body – uniform or different. Such inconsistencies can be the evidence for the one or other accident.

4th Open the doors. Check the Interior to tears in upholstery and dashboard, bleaches by the Sun and the general condition and appearance. Smell it in your Inspection in musty. Then, water occur somewhere through seals or rust holes.

5th Open the hood. Make sure to clean the engine, on rust stains, oil stains around the valve cover and cylinder head gasket. Shines there anything unusual for a used car as new, engine wash was carried out, presumably to cover up massive oil leak. Caution!

6th Check the condition of the oil, where you rub it between your fingers (make sure in advance that the engine is cold for this inspection). If you have small particles in the motor oil can feel, then the motor may be damaged or has other problems.

7th Start the motor. That car used should start without delay.

8th use the cars for a test drive. Perform an inspection of this brake by you should not squeal and bring the cars in a short distance to a halt.

9th test in the sample trip the transmission of the soil sliding ability. Use the hand brake and use the coupling turn all gears through. At the same time the used car should give no sounds of itself.

10th Verify that all lights that work the front and rear. The same should the inspection of windshield wiper; give the radio and the horn.

11th Some countries and cities insist on an exhaust-report. Leave it to present yourself when you need it.

12th Ask for records, receipts for the repair and maintenance work. Check if the used car regularly serviced and the oil was changed regularly (the maintenance plan will vary depending on car model). Also ask if additional work was carried out on cars, ask if the receipts, invoices or receipts.

Tips and hints when you buying a used car

As a final precaution, the used car to a Mechanic brings this leads to a small amount of an inspection. However, this requires the consent of the seller and if you must leave a deposit. If the seller you do not take the used car, ask him this inspection at a mutually agreed Workshop to be carried out.

If you leave a deposit so that you may install the used car to an inspection, so you write an agreement about, if you don’t buy the used car, back get the money. If the mileage seems very low, so let a mechanic determine whether it has been tampered. If so, you should always fall back screened from buying a car or the seller with this fraud confront and push prices massively.

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