Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. 850 hp? Okay, then we have many pictures of the demon


Americans must be challenged to build memorable things.  There are Ferrari, McLarens and Lamborghini which reach speeds of 300 km / h as you say START. It’s no problem that Americans can not, too, it’s the problem they have their own rhythm. They sit, wait and throw a super car that is incomparable to anything in this world.

After all, putting horses on a car is not hard. Making them all reach on the wheel in a good balance of the masses on the axles, that’s a tough job. Dodge has promised a destroyer of all that there is a car in this world. And probably only Bugatti Chiron can make one hundred/hour faster. 2.3 seconds is a devastating time. And 0-400 meters in 9.65 seconds with 225 km / h final speed, it also sounds extremely violent.

It is the most powerful V8 ever built – 840 horses. And a car that can be homologated for the street. The V8 is a 6.2 liter Hemi, and the 2.7-liter compressor receives cool air through a conditioner after it is absorbed through the big socket on the hood. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with a 1050 Nm torque also has an extra fan that cools the compressor after you take the ignition.

The engine swallows petrol with an octane rating of 100. Of course, with the forces generated in the engine during the explosion, the subassemblies (pistons, balls, etc.) were “hardened” to remain whole.

The power reaches the wheels of the same size, all 4: 315/40 R18.

For the best launch, the car has a retention system (TransBreak) to lock the differential from the box so you do not move one millimeter. From the pedals you unlock the differential and all the power is instantly transmitted to the wheels. During this time, the compressor loads to the limit and the intake and detent are controlled to produce the perfect power for a maximum launch control. The cardan and rear differential are made of steels that resist to 15% and 30% more power received.

The SRT Demon also has a so-called Drag Mode through which some sensors cut off the torque that reaches the rear wheels in order not to lose adherence. To produce all this power, Dodge took nearly 100 kg from the Challenger SRT Demon.

And inside, the Demon will be at the best level for those who give the most money. It will have ventilated seats, 19 900 Watts speakers, Harman Kardon, heated steering wheel, a 8.4-inch display for the multimedia control system, and even wheel repair kit. Amen!

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