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GMC exists as a division of General Motors that has the main focus on building and selling trucks and utility vehicles. GMC currently engineers’ large commercial vehicles including trucks busses and vans for regular and military usage all around the world.

A part of the brand’s business is targeted towards sports utility vehicles that are marketed by GM around the world.

The basis of General Motors Truck Company was formed back in 1909 when GM took over Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, thus the acronym GMC was formed. Some of the earliest commercial trucks were developed by GMC using single cylinder engines. The GMC badge appeared on vehicles for the first time in 1912 at the New York International Auto Show.

GMC production numbers were heavily boosted during the second World War, when the American automaker built 600.000 trucks for the US Military. GMC was integrated with a coach division between 1943 and 1987, point after which GM decided to end the coach production.

Even from the early 20’s, GMC and Chevrolet trucks were almost identical with the exception of the front grilles and the nameplates, along with some other changes that varied across time. While it had its own inline-6 engine line, many GMC trucks were fitted with gasoline V8 units sourced from Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac, all under the GM ownership at the time.

GMC cars was merged with Pontiac in 1996 in order to provide a truck lineup in Pontiac dealerships. In the end, GM’s decision was to position GMC as a premium alternative to the more affordable Chevrolet models, with high-end SUVs such as the GMC Denali and Acadia (2007). It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that GMC switched to a unibody design rather than the classic truck-like frame on chassis for its crossovers and SUVs.

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