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Fiat Automobiles represents a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and also the largest car builder in Italy.

While its history can be traced as far as 1899 with the release of Fiat 4HP, Fiat Automobiles S.p.A was officially launched in 2004 when Fiat completely reorganized its automotive business structure. Before the crisis of the 80s, Fiat held the position of Europe’s biggest automaker and the 3rd largest in the world after GM and Ford.

Fiat opened its first plan in 1900 and in 3 years managed to sell 135 cars, increasing the number almost ten times by the end of 1906. The main element of the company’s success hid behind the creativity and talent of its engineers. After 1906, Fiat become a publicly traded company at the Milan Stock Exchange.

The main market of Fiat resides in Europe with a strong impact in Italy. Throughout history, the brand proven to have increasing success in the sub-compact and supermini segments, those summing up to almost 84% of its global sales. Fiat cars hasn’t been offering a luxury or large family vehicle, leaving these segments to its Alfa Romeo and Lancia subsidiaries.

For many years Fiat invested increased amounts in South America, concentrating on Brazil and Argentina, countries where it held the leading position in sales. The first Brazilian plant was inaugurated in 1973. However, Fiat started building tractors there instead of consumer vehicles.

The Fiat 500 is one of the better-known models of the Italian automaker, built between 1957 and 1975, then redesigned in 2007 and returned to the market. The Fiat 500 is sold worldwide alongside its larger counterpart Fiat 500L (part of the M-segment).

Released in 2012, the Fiat Panda is an A-segment vehicle that is being sold in Europe. On the higher segments, Fiat engineers and sells the Punto with its Grand Punto and Grande Punto S counterparts. Projects in emerging markets include the Fiat Argo and Fiat Palio.

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