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Citroen is one of the bigger French automotive manufacturer. Andre-Gustave Citroen founded the brand in 1919.

In 1934, Citroen had its first technological breakthrough with the Traction Avant, the first front-wheel drive vehicle in the world that was mass produced, and in the same time one of the first cars to come with a unibody instead of a body on chassis as it was common at the time.

Exactly twenty years later, in 1954, Citroen hits the market with the first ever self-leveling suspension system that used hydropneumatics principles to smooth the ride and maintain ground clearance. One year later, the first mass production vehicle to feature disk brakes was introduced by Citroen. Such technological improvements allowed the French manufacturer to gain the attention of the world and receive awards, including three times the European Car of the Year.

Citroen had quite some success in the motorsport industry, as it was the first automaker to successfully win in three different championships from IAF. Citroen cars won the WRC trophy 8 times, the WRR championship 5 timesand kept the 1st place in the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship).

Although it went bankrupt in 1974, Citroen partnered with Peugeot under pressure of French government. Peugeot bought several shares of Citroen over time; the result being established as PSA Peugeot Citroen. PSA stands for Peugeot Société Anonime.

In more recent history, the PSA group almost teamed with BMW with the common purpose of providing hybrid and electric cars to the changing industry. The same partnership was tried once again with GM, but the deal failed to go through. Citroen has a strong presence on the Chinese and Japanese market where it also benefits from the highest satisfaction rating according to Japanese market studies. The brand continues to evolve on the MPV and SUV lines for the Asian market but also continues to provide models for the European public.

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