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2013 Mini Clubvan review, specs, photos, features

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The new 2013 Mini Clubvan compact van

With two seats, five doors and wall-to-wall MINI style and personality, the MINI Clubvan – the world’s first premium compact delivery van – has it all.

2013 Mini Clubvan photo2013 Mini Clubvan photoFind more new 2013 Mini Clubvan pictures in our 2013 Mini Clubvan photo gallery (28 photos)

With this groundbreaking model, based on the MINI Clubman platform, MINI is translating the brand’s hallmark driving fun and inherent charisma to new applications aimed at the urban user. As the first premium vehicle of its kind, the MINI Clubvan sets new standards of style, quality and driving fun in the small car-based van segment.

2013 Mini Clubvan photo2013 Mini Clubvan photo

For the first time, trend-conscious commercial users can now make a stylish and sophisticated statement when carrying out deliveries to their equally discerning customers.

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