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Known all across the North American continent as the Vette or Chevy Corvette, Corvette represents a high-performance model developed by automaker Corvette. As of 2014, Corvette reached its seventh generation with roots being tracked back to 1953.

The model was introduced by Chevrolet as a concept vehicle in 1953 at the GM Motorama auto show. The name is taken from a small maneuverable warship. The original Corvette was built in Flint, Michigan. Later in 1981 production moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, being also the official car of the Commonwealth.

The first-generation corvette featured a solid-axle suspension system. Beneath the hood Chevrolet laid down a 265-cubic inch V8 engine (4.34 liter). Since sales were not going as expected and plenty of models were left unsold, GM decided to limit production to just 700 pieces for the 1955 model. Thanks to the improved V8 engine, the car took down 1.5 seconds off its 0-60 mph time.

The second generation (C2) went into production in 1963 and featured fiberglass body panels and an overall smaller body than the C1. The Corvette C2 was also referred to as the Stingray and featured a 360bhp V8 engine which was pumped up to 375hp in 1964.

The third generation Corvette cars was introduced in 1968 and was built until 1982. Multiple versions were included, such as the LT-1 and ZR-1, as well as a limited series Collector Edition. With a 5.7-liter engine, the C3 was selected as the pace car for the Indie 500.

Corvette’s fourth generation came with a complete design overhaul in 1984. Forty-three prototypes were built ahead of the launched; however, none of those were taken out for sale. New additions included a 350-cubic inch V8 engine with 205bhp and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Later versions pushed the power output to a max 450 bhp and 831Nm.

The real face change came with the fifth generation Corvette (C5) with a great aerodynamic coefficient and monocoque-inspired chassis. Weight distribution was close to 50-50 and almost 1000 parts were reduced, compared to the C4. It was also the first corvette to feature an aluminum engine block. The sixth generation C6 was focused more on refining the good parts of its previous model and fixing the bad ones, rather than creating a new vehicle. Production started in 2005 and ended in 2013 for the C6.

The latest seventh generation Corvette has been developed for 7 years before it actually entered into production with a front-engine RWD layout in order to minimize production costs.

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