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The Chrysler brand was born on June 6th, 1925 under the command of Walter Chrysler. The company was established as the reorganization of Maxwell Motor company, as the former went through large troubles in operation.

The first car released by the newly formed corporation was well received by the public. The 6-cylinder Chrysler aimed to be an affordable car without compromising on engineering and technology. Elements like carburetor air filter, full pressure lubrication, oil filtering system and increase compression engine were among the features of the first Chrysler. Various patents also added the first four-wheel hydraulic braking system as well as rubber engine mounts for noise and vibration reduction. By 1936, Chrysler was the second bestselling car brand in America.

In 1955, Chrysler did a spin-off of the Imperial model and released it as a standalone subsidiary in order to compete against Lincoln and Cadillac. The Imperial went as a high-end production vehicle, providing the first all-transistor car radio. In 1957, Chrysler introduced electronic fuel injection systems (EFI) for the first time in the automotive history, greatly boosting performance and fuel efficiency.

Until the early 70s, Chrysler cars took over various small brands and incorporated them. A partnership between Mitsubishi and Chrysler allowed the latter to sell the Japanese’ manufacturer vehicles under the Dodge and Plymouth badges in North America.

The mid and late 70s caused a huge drop in demand of luxury cars, causing a downfall in Chrysler sales, almost to the point of closure. Chrysler was helped by the US government and later on went into providing smaller class vehicles to the public.

Almost twenty years later, Daimler-Benz acquires Chrysler then sells it off to a private equity firm, retaining 19.9% ownership. In 2014, Fiat buys all Chrysler shares and the company changes to FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles), continuing production as separate subsidiaries.

The largest part of FCA’s Chrysler models are sold in the United States, with only a small percentage reaching other markets.

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