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Cadillac Motor Car Division is a brand owned by General Motors that engineers, markets and sells luxury vehicles all over the world. Although the majority of sales take place in US, Canada and China, another 34 markets are also distributing Cadillac models.

Cadillac represents one of the oldest car brands in America, only surpassed by Buick. The luxury automaker was born from the ashes of what once was Henry Ford Company, back in 1902. Seven years later, in 1909, GM took over the brand; however, by that time Cadillac already established itself as the premier luxury car seller on the US continent.

The Cadillac Motor Company set the base of modern automotive production process, with full interchangeability of precision parts, full electric systems and steel roofs. Cadillac’s V8 set the standard of what’s today known as the US automotive industry.

The first vehicles released by Cadillac were Runabout and Tonneau, both powered by 10hp single-cylinder engine units. After the first New York auto show, Cadillac managed to secure no less than 2000 orders for its vehicles. In 1915, its V8 flathead engine delivered 70hp and allowed cars to reach 65 mph (105 km/h) for the first time in known history. Fifteen years later, Cadillac introduced the quietest and most powerful engine yet, featuring 16 cylinders arranged in a V formation, displacing 7.41 liters and spinning the wheels with 165 hp.

After the second World War, Cadillac cars released the “deVille” chassis, easily recognizable by its chrome front grille. In 1962 Cadillac also introduced the dual-reservoir braking system and the first automatic air conditioning system.

During the 90s, GM’s most complex and intricate engines, the 90-degree Vs were mounted on the Cadillac models, culminating with the introduction of Cadillac Escalade, a luxury SUV designed to compete against the Lincoln Navigator. In more recent history, Cadillac also was the prime provider of luxury armored limousines for the US president and state officials.

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