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One of the better-known Italian car brands, Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910 by Alexandre Darracq. The acronym ALFA stands for AnonimaLombardaFabbricaAutomobili, or Lombard Automobile Factory Company.

The birth of Alfa Romeo took place in Milan and became famous mainly for its performance in the sports and racing segment.

Alfa Romeo was first owned by an Italian state company and was later on acquired by Fiat group and acted as a subsidiary. Due to poor selling performance while under the Darracq administration, the Italian partners funding the company decided to bring in designer Giuseppe Merosi. Shortly afterwards, the Alfa 24HP was built and took part in the 1911 Targa Florio race. The race featured two 24HP models with drivers Franchini and Ronzoni.

Shortly after the first World War started, Italian entrepreneur Nicola Romeo took over ALFA and changed its industrial aim towards building military equipment. In 1920, the company is eventually rebranded as Alfa Romeo and has the Torpedo 20-30HP as the first car to be branded with the new badge.

Alfa Romeo struggled during the second world war to maintain profitability, thus it was sold by the Italian government to the Fiat Chrysler group. Once motorsports returned to the scene as the world war ended, Alfa Romeo became the number one competitor in the sport. The introduction of the Formula 1 division proved to be benefic for Alfa Romeo. The Tipo 158 Alfetta, a racecar derived from a post-war model, won its first Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1950 and retained the title in 1951 as well.

Later on, during the 60s and 70s, Alfa Romeo turned its attention towards production-car based racing, with the GTA (Gran Turismo Allegerita) constantly running for the first position. The GTA featured an all-aluminum body and a powerful twin-spark engine. Alfa Romeo cars won trophies through the 60s and late 70s in producer championships.

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