An agreement was signed by UBER with NASA in order to develop uberAIR, a service with urban aerial vehicles unmanned


UBER and NASA (Space Act Agreement) will create together unmanned aerial Systems (UAS-Unmanned Aerial Systems) and technology for unmanned traffic management (Traffic Management-Unmanned Tum).  They will allow safe manoeuvring at low altitudes in the urban area of some unmanned aerial silent vehicles.

Under the agreement, UBER will join other industry partners that are working with NASA to develop new concepts and technologies which will enable the safe handling low-altitude UAS aircrafts.

UBER intends to start testing uberAIR in Dallas, Los Angeles and Dubai until 2020.  This is the first partnership between a government agency and UBER Federal which aims at developing a network of urban air ridesharing globally.

Also today, UBER gave the prototype images publicly in premiere and a video with a simulation of an air race.

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