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This is how the new Ford Focus looks like: images for the first time with the new generation of cars


The new Ford Focus will be released next year, but the design of the fourth generation of the American compact car is no longer a secret.  These are the first pictures with the new model.

A prototype of the new Ford Focus, which will promote the teasing campaign of the future C-segment model, entitled TimetoFocus, was photographed by the colleagues from Autoweek. NL.  The inscriptions include “hashtag” sign that clarifies that Ford no longer wishes to keep secret the machine design.

Focus is still equipped with a minor type of psychedelic camouflage, which fails to distract attention from the final lines of the bodywork.  Essential details such as the shape of the side Windows, headlight and stops, are obvious. Anybody can remark the extremely accentuated lateral shoulders.

The hexagonal grid, inspired by Aston Martin, is in accordance with the rest of the range of Ford models, but is wider and higher than current iteration.  Also, the vertical-mounted fog lamps are very accentuated on both sides of the front bumper.

In the rear, the new optical blocks arranged horizontally, which are also wider, are completely different from the vertical taillights of the old Focus.  They are similar to the rear lights of the new Fiesta.  In profile, it’s easy to see that the back door is extended now more towards the back so that no longer pillar (C) integrates a third lateral glass.  The machine has a longer wheelbase, which should be good news for rear passengers.

The fourth generation of Focus will debut in the first part of 2018, at Geneva or even at the Motor Show in Detroit, the compact Ford car remains a model with global pretensions, commercialised and produced including in the U. S..

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