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2013 Toyota Tacoma review, specs, photos, features

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The new 2013 Toyota Tacoma compact pickup truck

The Toyota Tacoma remains the best-selling compact pickup truck in the U.S. market and further ensures its leadership for 2013 by offering a new Limited Package for a touch of luxury in a hard-working pickup.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Baja photo2013 Toyota Tacoma Baja photoFind more new 2013 Toyota Tacoma pictures in our 2013 Toyota Tacoma photo gallery (76 photos)

Restyled and upgraded with new interior comfort and audio/multimedia features just last year, the Tacoma returns for 2013 positioned to continue its market dominance. The 2013 Tacoma is available in a wide variety of configurations and models, and this focus on customer choice has been instrumental in the vehicle’s continued market leadership. The Tacoma line offers a choice between four-cylinder and V6 engines, and 2WD and 4WD drivetrains.

2013 Toyota Tacoma photo2013 Toyota Tacoma photo

2012 Toyota Tacoma (SR5, TRD Sport, Off-Road) Review - Pictures, features, specs

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The Toyota Tacoma, still the best-selling compact pickup truck in the U.S. market by a wide margin, offers a restyled exterior look and a redesigned, upgraded interior in all models for 2012. New changes add comfort, usability and audio/infotainment performance.

2012 Toyota Tacoma photo2012 Toyota Tacoma photoFind more new 2012 Toyota Tacoma pictures in our 2012 Toyota Tacoma photo gallery

Toyota sold more than 106,000 Tacoma models for 2010, outselling its nearest competitor by nearly two-to-one. For 2012, Tacoma shows a fresh face with a redesigned hood, grille, headlamps and front bumper, among other changes. Inside, customers will find a new center-instrument panel design with a revised gauge cluster, along with a new steering wheel. A redesigned center stack adds new air conditioner/heater controls and power point locations.

2012 Toyota Tacoma photo2012 Toyota Tacoma photo

2011 Toyota Tacoma

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The Toyota Tacoma, the best-selling compact pickup truck in America, offers two new accessory packages for 2011 based on a concept truck first shown at the 2009 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) Show.

2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup

The T|X and T|X Pro packages, available in conjunction with the Off-Road Package, add Toyota Racing Development (TRD) accessories in a unique combination at a special value price.

Toyota developed the Tacoma T|X concept truck to gauge consumer reaction at the 2009 SEMA Show. The concept featured unique dual custom graphic designs on each side of the truck, and an assortment of aggressive performance features inspired by traditional TRD elements that conveyed the lifestyle of Tacoma owners. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the truck was a major inspiration for the development of the two new packages.

2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup

2010 Toyota Tacoma

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Remains Sales Leader in Its Pickup Segment

Through 45 years of compact pickup truck heritage, Toyota has continued its sales dominance in this competitive segment with the Tacoma. Starting with the Stout in 1964, followed by the Hilux in 1969, Toyota Compact Pickup in 1976, and for the last 15 years the Tacoma, Toyota’s compact pickups have been a leader in the evolution of the compact pickup segment.

2010 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: After receiving extensive interior and exterior revisions in 2009, the 2010 model year Tacoma carries over unchanged.2010 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab: After receiving extensive interior and exterior revisions in 2009, the 2010 model year Tacoma carries over unchanged.

The Toyota truck started out as basic and functional and through the years became more powerful, with added roominess and refinement. Throughout, it was always rugged and reliable. It has defined, and redefined the meaning of a phrase that has become synonymous with the Toyota brand, quality, durability and reliability.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Pickup

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New standard safety features, refreshed exterior styling

June 13, 2008 - Torrance, CA - Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., announced manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP) today for 2009 Tacoma pickup trucks, which range from $15,170 to $27,075.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

Tacoma greatly enhances its overall value with the addition of several new features. All Tacoma models will now feature Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Traction Control (TRAC) as standard equipment, making Tacoma the latest model to feature Toyota's STAR Safety system consisting of Anti-Lock Brakes, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Brake Assist, VSC, and TRAC. Additional new standard features include an automatic limited slip differential, roll-sensing curtain and seat side airbags, and front active headrests.

Exterior styling has been freshened with an argent painted grille, LED taillamps and four new colors that include Magnetic Gray, Barcelona Red, Pyrite, and Timberland. Smoked headlamp trim is featured on X-Runner and models with the optional TRD Offroad and TRD Sport packages.

2008 Toyota Tacoma

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October 1, 2007 – Torrance, CA - The midsize Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling pickup truck in its segment, and is equipped with some of the most sophisticated dynamic control technology in its class.

The Tacoma offers four-cylinder and V6 engines, 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains, and the popular PreRunner models that combine the 4x2 drivetrain with the 4x4's raised riding stance and styling.

2008 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Pre-Runner V62008 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Pre-Runner V6

Leading the Tacoma line in performance and style, the unique X-Runner model blends concept-truck design with sports car performance from a 236-horsepower V6 engine and a specially tuned chassis.

Toyota Downhill And Hill-Start Assist Control Systems Enhance Off-Road

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October 1, 2007 – Torrance, CA - The fourth-generation Toyota 4Runner sport utility vehicle (SUV) and first-generation Lexus GX 470 luxury utility vehicle, both launched for the 2003 model year, introduced numerous technological advancements. Among these all-new technologies were Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC) and Downhill Assist Control (DAC). Through one of the world's first uses of active wheel speed sensors, HAC and DAC helped the 4Runner and GX 470 improve their off-road capability.

2006 Toyota Tacoma

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All-new Tacoma pickup truck with new safety features

Toyota introduced an all-new Tacoma pickup truck line for 2005 and for 2006 adds safety features to this popular model. All Tacoma models for 2006 gain a Tire Pressure Monitor System, which is designed to detect a significant loss of pressure in any tire and alert the driver by a warning light in the instrument panel. Seriously low tire air pressure can potentially lead to a hazardous handling condition.

2006 Toyota Tacoma2006 Toyota Tacoma

2007 Toyota Tacoma

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September 2006 – Torrance, CA - The evolution of the popular Tacoma pickup continues to add to Toyota's rich truck heritage that began over 40 years ago. A bigger, more versatile truck in its second-generation, Tacoma's bold looks and rugged performance are matched with an array of comfort and convenience features in a wide range of model configurations to meet the many needs of the large U.S. truck segment.

2007 Toyota Tacoma2007 Toyota Tacoma

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