Mini Bayswater & Mini Baker Street

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2012 Mini Bayswater & Mini Baker Street review, specifications, photos, features

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Olympic host city and style capital London provides fresh design inspiration for MINI special editions. New special editions based on the MINI Hardtop boast exclusive equipment and tradition-laced titles.

2012 Mini Bayswater photo2012 Mini Bayswater photoFind more new 2012 Mini Bayswater & Mini Baker Street pictures in our 2012 Mini Bayswater & Mini Baker Street photo gallery (32 photos)

With just months to go before the Olympic Games get under way in the capital city of the brand’s home country, MINI introduces two new special-edition models to spread contemporary London style around the world. The latest takes on the MINI character – the MINI Baker Street and MINI Bayswater – will go on sale in spring 2012.

2012 Mini Baker Street photo2012 Mini Baker Street photo

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