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2012 Maybach 57 S Edition 125! Review - Pictures, features, specs

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In the year of the 125th anniversary of the automobile Maybach is displaying the Edition 125! at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. This unusual one-off piece presents exquisite new possibilities for individually styling the high-end saloons.

2012 Maybach 57 S Edition 125! photo -2012 Maybach 57 S Edition 125! photo -

The highlights include contour lighting and the laser-engraved light motif featuring the double-M in a curved triangle in the front armrest. The wide-ranging new individualisation options perfectly complement the confident air of the legendary Maybach saloons.

2012 Maybach 57 S Edition 125! photo2012 Maybach 57 S Edition 125! photo

2010 Maybach 57, 62, 57 S & 62 S - Pictures, Features, Specs, Pricing

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New interior concepts with new brilliant trim

Since 2002 Maybach has been defining new standards in the top league of high-end luxury saloons, whilst at the same time continuing the tradition of legendary Maybach vehicles which were part of the elite in the German and international automotive construction industry in the nineteen twenties and thirties of the last century.

Photo: 2010 Maybach 62 -Photo: 2010 Maybach 62 -View more 2010 Maybach 57, 62, 57 S & 62 S pictures in our 2010 Maybach photo gallery

It is this challenging legacy that the luxury brand is carrying forward – in the form of an extensive facelift of the Maybach saloons. The prestigious, tradition-steeped Maybach brand is consolidating its top position in the high-end luxury segment with a more striking design and even more extensive equipment and appointments.

Photo: 2010 Maybach 62Photo: 2010 Maybach 62

Maybach at the Geneva Motor Show 2008

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Maybach reinvigorates the legend of the landaulet automobiles

Stuttgart -- Mar 04, 2008 -- Stuttgart– The tradition-laden Maybach luxury brand is adding a fifth model to its line-up. The new Maybach Landaulet resurrects the legend of the classic luxury landaulets, a feature of which is that only the chauffeur's area is closed.

Maybach LandauletMaybach Landaulet

Mercedes-Benz Cars Posts Best Sales Year Ever

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Sales of Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Maybach, and smart brands up two percent, totaling 1,285,900 passenger vehicles

Stuttgart -- Jan 08, 2008 -- Stuttgart – In 2007 the Mercedes-Benz Cars division increased sales of Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Maybach, and smart passenger vehicles worldwide, with sales totaling 1,285,900 vehicles (2006: 1,260,600 units). With this two percent growth, the division set a new sales record.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, said: “Our current models are drawing a very positive customer response. In 2007 we succeeded in laying the groundwork for sustainable, profitable growth, particularly with the market launches of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the new smart fortwo.“

Mercedes-Benz USA Wraps Up 2007 with Record Sales

MBUSA Sets All-Time Record with Sales of 253,433 for 2007

MONTVALE, N.J., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- December sales of 27,301 boosted Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) to the highest annual volume in its history. The 253,433 vehicles sold by MBUSA in 2007 mark the 14th consecutive year of annual sales growth in the U.S. market.

The C-Class -- the gateway to the Mercedes-Benz brand for younger and first-time Mercedes-Benz buyers -- was the volume leader for the year with sales of 63,701 vehicles, a 26.9 percent increase over last year. Behind the C-Class, the E-Class family of sedans and wagons posted sales of 48,950.

Maybach Landaulet: Al fresco motoring at its finest

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The combination of tradition and modernity embodied in the Maybach landaulet study, unveiled in November 2007, makes this a truly unique vehicle of its time. The highly unusual body shape already defines the car as something quite out of the ordinary. But the unique combination of the fold-back roof at the rear and a solid roof section over the front seats also reflects the fine appreciation of tradition and values that is the hallmark of the Mercedes Benz Cars approach.

Maybach LandauletMaybach Landaulet

Maybach Landaulet Study

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Maybach shows one of the world’s most exclusive luxury cars

Stuttgart -- Nov 02, 2007 -- Stuttgart– With this study of an open-top landaulet, Maybach has re-enlivened the great art of building majestic automobiles. True to the tradition of exclusive landaulets, the roof of this sparkling white one-off study can be opened fully at the rear, while the chauffeur’s compartment remains completely enclosed. The passengers are then able to enjoy the clear, blue sky above.

Maybach LandauletMaybach Landaulet

Mercedes Car Group Announces Record Sales over First Nine Months of 2007

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* Sales of Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles increase seven percent to highest level ever for September
* 13 percent growth for Mercedes-Benz in the U.S.
* smart fortwo records best sales result for September

2007 Maybach 62 S

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The new flagship model in the Maybach line-up is the Maybach 62 S. The engineers in the Manufaktur workshops in Sindelfingen have built the high-end Saloon for the most discerning requirements. And it’s a philosophy shared by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. “You shouldn’t take small steps if you want to achieve something great”, says the world’s fourth-richest man.

2007 Maybach 62 S2007 Maybach 62 S

For him luxury is an important aspect of his lifestyle. The streets and bazaars of the rich desert city therefore provide the perfect backdrop to experience first-hand the new Maybach 62 S and its characteristics.

"Maybach Golf Cup" for Customers and Friends of Maybach


Nick Faldo Is the New Maybach Brand Ambassador

London/Stuttgart, March 16, 2007 -- In future the high-end automobile brand Maybach and the golfing legend Nick Faldo will have a joint involvement in golf. Today Klaus Nesser, CEO of Maybach, SLR and Exclusive Products, and Nick Faldo, Europe’s most successful golfer, concluded a long-term partnership agreement at Brooklands near London, Great Britain. "With Nick Faldo we have gained a brand ambassador who achieved an extraordinary level of success during his active career as a golfer, and who – like the Maybach brand – is involved in promoting the development of young talent," said Klaus Nesser. As part of his activities as a new ambassador for the Maybach brand, Faldo will take part in this year’s "Maybach Golf Cup" for potential and existing Maybach customers.

"As a professional golfer I was always striving to become the very best player that I could possibly be and it is that same passion for perfection that has been applied to the development of this very special car. The Maybach represents the absolute pinnacle of motoring style and technology and I’m delighted to be so closely associated with a brand that shares the very same values as my own", commented Faldo on his new partnership with the car-maker.

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