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2013 Ford Focus ST review, specs, photos, features

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The new 2013 Ford Focus ST high-performance hatchback

Drivers in the U.S. can now place their order for the new Ford Focus ST, a high-performance hatchback that will offer exhilarating performance and handling, a distinctive interior and muscular exterior design.

2013 Ford Focus ST photo2013 Ford Focus ST photoFind more new 2013 Ford Focus ST pictures in our 2013 Ford Focus ST photo gallery (20 photos)

Focus ST, Ford’s first global performance car, will integrate a collection of advanced and sport-oriented technologies previously unavailable to North American customers. The combination of these technologies into a refined yet high-performance sport compact will elevate the category and further cement Focus as the most complete compact car range sold in North America.

2013 Ford Focus ST photo2013 Ford Focus ST photo

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