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Chinese Ambassador Presented in the Gwperi Launching Ceremony in Vanuatu

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2008-07-21 -- In the evening of 19 July 2008, the Chinese Embassy in Vanuatu, Mr. Cheng Shuping attended the launching ceremony of the Gwperi in Vila, Vanuatu. Mr. Cheng expressed at the ceremony: Chinese made auto achieved great progress at abroad in the recent years. China’s national brand cars with high P&P ratio are being exported to every corner of the world.

Gwperi Launching Ceremony in VanuatuGwperi Launching Ceremony in Vanuatu

GWM Participates in the New Caledonia Auto Show through Its Local Distributor

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2008-07-02 -- Eurapac Trading Company Ltd., the distributor of Great Wall Motors (GWM) attended 17th Annual 4wd Auto-Show (SALON DU 4X4) from June 12th to 15th 2008. Annual 4wd Auto-Show is the most important and most influential event in the vehicle industry of New Caledonia market. About 10,000 visitors (around 5% of the total local population) from all over the island visited this great event and about 250 units of vehicles were sold out.

2008 GW Wingle2008 GW Wingle

Most of the leading world-wide known pickup or SUV brands attended this auto show through their local distributors.

GWM Showroom Opening, GWPERI Launch Ceremony in Cairo, Egypt

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2008-07-02 -- Ezz Elarab Company is the exclusive distributor of Great Wall Motor in Egypt and also the sole agent of Citroen and Proton there. It began to cooperate with GWM in July 2007 and has been dedicated to exploit the market since then. After GWPERI being put into market, Ezz Elarab Company made a market survey, finding GWPERI matched the Egyptian market and ordered 800 units at once.

GWM Cairo ShowroomGWM Cairo Showroom

During the period of Li Shuai and Xu Fei of GWM visiting Egypt, Ezz Elarab Company held a ceremony for the GWM showroom open and GWPERI launch on 11th June 2008. This activity invited more than 100 media and sub-distributors.

Syria-Based GWM Distributor Participates in ALLEPO Automobile Exhibition

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2008-06-16 -- From June 4th to 7th, Shammout Co. Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Great Wall Motors (GWM) vehicles in Syria, attended the annual ALEPPO Motor Show. ALEPPO is the second largest city in Syria and this motor show attracted more than 2000 local auto professionals and fans.

Gwperi on Display in SyriaGwperi on Display in Syria

Two Hover CUVs, one Gwperi, and two Deer pickups came to this show. As oil reserves are not abundant in Syria, 1.3L Gwperi attracts quite a lot of customers thanks to its low fuel consumption as well as fashionable design. Local media also thought highly of its elegance and rushed to report it, forecasting that it shall create a new record in sales volume.

710 Gwperi Exported Since Launch

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First batch to Africa and Russia

2008-05-27 -- In the midst of May, 270 Gwperi were shipped to Algeria and its surrounding countries from Xingang, Tianjin, China. At the same time, another 286 Gwperi were transported to Russia by railway. Today, 710 Gwperi have been exported since its launching. Hence, the target to launching Gwperi both at home and abroad has been realized.

Gwperi waiting for shipmentGwperi waiting for shipment

First Great Wall Wingle Successfully Assembled in Indonesia

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2008-05-27 -- 23rd May 2008 was a great day for Indonesian WICM vehicle factory (subsidiary of Indomobil Group, distributor of GWM) - the first GW Wingle was finished in the end following nearly one-year-preparation. This is also the first time to realize the export and assembly in IKD for Great Wall Wingle at abroad.

The First Great Wall Wingle Was Assembled Successfully in IndonesiaThe First Great Wall Wingle Was Assembled Successfully in Indonesia

Mr. Andrew, CEO of Indomobil Group and other top management participate in this launching ceremony. “Indonesia market is satisfied with the quality and performance of Wingle”, Mr.Andrew said.

Great Wall Motors: Syria 4S Sales Center Opened

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Gwperi Launched

2008-05-23 -- In the evening of May 12, 2008, a ceremony for Syria 4S showroom open and Gwperi launch was held successfully. This kind of activity is playing an important role in the promotion of Great Wall brand in Syrian market.

Great Wall Motors' Syria 4S Sales Center OpenedGreat Wall Motors' Syria 4S Sales Center Opened

Shammout Company, distributor of GWM in Syria, did a lot on the preparation of this action, including inviting the main four located broadcasting station, such as ‘GEAR ONE’, the well known auto TV station in Middle East.

Debut of Great Wall Motors at Durban Motor Show

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2008-05-17 -- The annual Durban Motor Show was held in Durban exhibition centre during April 10 to 13, 2008. The biggest difference from previous shows was that one Chinese independent brand — Great Wall Motor (GWM) attended. At the exhibition, Great Wall Motor formally launched the New Logo and the new model Hover.

Debut of Great Wall Motors at Durban Motor ShowDebut of Great Wall Motors at Durban Motor Show

Great Wall Motor booth covers an area of 400 square meters which is the second biggest one next only to Toyota stand. Besides, all together 8 models were showed in the motor show, including Hover limo and GW Peri, their debut in South Africa market.

Great Wall Motors at the 5th International Iraq Rebuild Exhibition

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2008-05-13 -- The 5th International Iraq Rebuild Exhibition opened on May 5th, 2008; hundreds of enterprises attended this exhibition. By cooperating with the Great Wall Motors (GWM) - Jordan, Great Wall Motor booth covers an area of 108 square meters, which is one of the biggest booths at this exhibition, exhibited 6 units vehicles, including Hover, Wingle, Deer, Cowry and 2 units Gwperi.

Great Wall Motors at the 5th International Iraq Rebuild ExhibitionGreat Wall Motors at the 5th International Iraq Rebuild Exhibition

Great Wall Motors Revving Up Overseas

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2008-05-08 -- For Wang Fengying, CEO of GREAT WALL Motor Co Ltd (GWM), China’s largest maker of SUVs and pickup trucks, the biggest pressure and challenge in 2008 is how to build a better brand for GWM overseas. Since 1998, GWM’s vehicle export volume and revenue has maintained the leading position, and beginning in 2000 its exports increased annually with a high average growth rate of 90 percent. Last year, the company exported 51,394 units of vehicles with revenue of $450 million.

GWM vehicles have run on the roads of 121 countries, 81 in which it has distribution and service networks “We hope to export 80,000 vehicles this year, with overseas markets accounting for half of our sales next year,” says Wang.

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