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Geely Holding Group Becomes One of the Most Valuable Self-Owned Automobile Brands in China

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June 16, 2008 -- Recently, World Brand Lab has released the top 500 most valuable brands of china in 2008, among which Geely ranked in successive four years and stood the first among self-owned automobile brands with its RMB 6.288 billion assets.

Geely Race Car Shows Up at Times Square in New York City

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Mat 27, 2008 -- The other day, AGF competition at Sepang in Malaysia came to an end; China and local Malaysian media also ended their intensive reports. But news latent to domestic racers was sent out from Times Square in New York: report of AGF at Sepang appeared on the huge electronic screen of Reuters. If this trip of AGF to Malaysia was just to find the actual situation on the world stage on behalf of China Motor Sports, it is obviously not enough to outline the ambition of the racing operator.

Strategic Adjustment

Geely Shares Company’s Rescue Situation in Earthquake Disaster Areas in Sichuan

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May 26, 2008 -- The spokesman of Geely Group issued a statement to the media regarding the company’s series of ongoing relief operations after the major earthquake disaster in Sichuan. The spokesman pointed out that through sufficient propaganda, Geely Group advocated the cadres, employees and suppliers, distributors, service providers to help the peoples in the disaster areas after the disaster occurred.

The series rescue and relief activities have being moved into top gear in the head quarter of Geely Group, each production base, distributors, the suppliers and service providers in locals. The relief activities of Geely Group are mainly composed with capital donation, blood donation and vehicles contribution.

Geely Group Made Initial Donation of RMB 10 Million to China Earthquake Disaster Areas

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RMB 1.2 million of which from Li Shufu

May 26, 2008 -- In 2008, China was tested a lot. On 12th May, the serious earthquake was occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, which shocked the whole nation. Thousands of Collapsed houses and immerged lives were occurred in one moment. As of 7:00 pm of 13th, May, 12,012 people dead, 9,404 people were buried and 7,841 people missed.

The pains of blood and tears, the disaster of death and life; mourn and pray the peace for the death and the lives. While facing to the miserable disaster, we shall have one mind and one heart to overcome difficulties instead of just in the endless sorrow. As well to assist the recovery of the quake-hit area is the responsibilities for everybody.

Continental's New Basic Function Controller Is Functional, Flexible and Cost-Effective

Regensburg, May 20, 2008 -- Despite a certain degree of market saturation in North America, Western Europe and Japan, the worldwide car production will continue to increase – from 63 million in 2005 to a forecasted 74 million in 2013. The four major emerging countries Brazil, China, India and Russia will increase their share of the global car production from 14% at present to 20% in 2013.

Continental Body Control Unit "Basic Function Controller": With the Basic Function Controller (BFC), Continental has developed a new central body control unit for the low-cost car segment.Continental Body Control Unit "Basic Function Controller": With the Basic Function Controller (BFC), Continental has developed a new central body control unit for the low-cost car segment.

- The consistently function-oriented design guarantees high flexibility at a very low price.

Geely Unveils 23 New Models at Auto China 2008 in Beijing

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May 16, 2008 -- Billed as a Chinese automotive industry feast, the Beijing Auto Show opened on April 20. It is on this stage that, after implementing a strategic transition, Geely will reveal its vision for the future. With 23 new models being unveiled for rollout over the next two years, this future is set to be a very exciting one for Geely both on the local market and internationally.

Highlight 1: Most of the cars shall be launched in the following 2 years

The Geely booth at the international museum is over 1500 square meters in area, showcasing 23 cars, representing a new record for Geely in its auto show history. The number of models on display is not only significant amongst the local brands but rivals the displays of the various international brands.

2008 Beijing Auto Show Is Geely’s Strategic Point of Blow-up

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Audience claims 5 out-of-expectations

May 16, 2008 -- 2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition kicks off at the enlarged China International Exhibition Center on April 20. Ground shaking series of cars debuted by Geely Auto are real eye catchers at the Show. Five “out-of-expectations” constitute the most unanimous judgment that the audience have come to during the exhibition this year.

100% Satisfaction with Geely Booth at 2008 Bejing Auto Show

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May 16, 2008 -- Since the opening of the Bejing Auto Show, Geely booth has always been packed with people, among which there is a special team, who have paper and pens on hand and keep asking the visitors about their comments and suggestions to Geely. They are the survey team of Geely booth satisfaction, which are responsible to survey the audience to Geely booth, and obtain first-hand information for Geely’s next and future development.

According to the introduction, on Apr. 28, the final day of the auto show,Geely Collective Strategy Brand Committee will hold a special conference on Beijing Auto Show for research and decisions on Geely’s production orientation and logo category application etc. according to the satisfaction data report of the survey team.

Geely Booth at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show Highly Praised by Vice Chairman of CPPCC

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May 16, 2005 -- On the 25th, Wan Gang, vice chairman of CPPCC and Minister of Science and Technology, visited Geely booth at the Beijing Auto Show, and saw the exhibited models on the spot. Geely’s participation this time received a high praise from Wan Gang.

In front of Geely GT, Geely’s concept car, Wan Gang listened with interest to the introduction of related representatives of Geely, and occasionally asked about the design and power configuration etc. of the model. Wan Gang was very glad to hear that the vehicle has adopted several new and high technologies and even cutting-edge automobile technology. Wan Gang said that Geely GT is very good, and the concept car has well integrated style design and cutting-edge technology.

Geely at the 2008 Auto China

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March 18, 2008 -- 2008 (The 10th) Auto China will be held in the newly built China International Exhibition Center. This new building covers a total exhibiting area of over 160,000 square meters including indoor area of 106,800 square meters and outdoor area of 60,000,which is record breaking .

The year 2008 holds great significance for Geely’s Internationalization, strategic transform and overall elevation of the competitiveness of Geely Brand. This Auto Show will be an ideal stage for Geely to demonstrate its brand image, promote communications, seek possible cooperation and boosting its strategic transforming efforts.

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