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DiMora Motorcar Sponsors 30th Anniversary Reunion of 'Dallas' TV Show at SouthFork Ranch

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Worldwide media, celebrities attending--Ticket sales begin Friday, August 22, at noon Central time

Dallas, TX, August 18, 2008 -- Thirty years ago, CBS introduced the world to the Ewings of SouthFork Ranch, and soon demonstrated that a superrich Texas oil and cattle clan could be dishonest, dysfunctional, dastardly, and delightful to watch every Friday night. Dallas became so popular that 360 million people were glued to their TV sets on the night they found out who shot J.R.

DiMora Motorcar Sponsors 30th Anniversary Reunion of 'Dallas' TV Show at SouthFork Ranch: Alfred DiMora, Larry Hagman, Yvonne DiMoraDiMora Motorcar Sponsors 30th Anniversary Reunion of 'Dallas' TV Show at SouthFork Ranch: Alfred DiMora, Larry Hagman, Yvonne DiMora

World’s Most Expensive Production Car is First to Use Volcanic Rock

Barotex Adds Strength, Cuts Weight in DiMora’s $2 Million Automobile

Chatsworth, CA, August 11, 2008 -- Barotex Technology Corporation (BARX), inventor and producer of the remarkable Barotex® inorganic fiber, announced today that it has become the newest Technology Partner to work with DiMora Motorcar to develop and produce the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan.

Barotex materials have characteristics that make them superior to carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, and other advanced materials in a variety of applications. “Barotex enables our design team to create some of the strongest and most durable automotive components ever produced,” stated Alfred DiMora, Founder and CEO of DiMora Motorcar.

Champion Bearings Cut Friction in DiMora Natalia SLS 2 Motorcar

Ceramics Are Superior to Steel in Harsh Environments

Palm Springs, CA, May 6, 2008 - Champion Bearings, Inc., announced today that its ceramic ball bearings will be used extensively in the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, the $2 Million supercar from DiMora Motorcar.

U.S. Chrome Treatment Ensures Long Life for DiMora Motorcar's 1200-Horsepower Engine

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Superhard Silicon Carbide Replaces Iron Cylinder Sleeves in DiMora Volcano V16 Aluminum Engine

Fond du Lac, WI, April 9, 2008 – U.S. Chrome Corporation of Wisconsin, a division of U.S. Chrome, will use its proprietary NiCom® metal-ceramic coating process to harden the aluminum cylinders of the DiMora Volcano V16 engine, the powerplant used in the $2 Million Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan.

Aluminum engine blocks are much lighter than cast iron engine blocks, reducing the overall weight of an automobile. To make an aluminum cylinder wear as well as iron, the conventional solution is to insert an iron sleeve in the cylinder. This adds weight to the engine and interferes with heat dissipation.

DiMora Motorcar Drafts Brian Holloway as Spokesman for the $2 Million Natalia SLS 2

Super Bowl XX Team Captain, New England Patriots All-Pro Brian Holloway Dradted as Spokesman for the Ultimate Luxury Automobile, the $2 Million Natalia SLS 2

Palm Springs, CA, April 2, 2008 – Founder and CEO Alfred DiMora announced today that five-time National Football League All-Pro Brian Holloway is now the global corporate spokesman for DiMora Motorcar.

DC Safety Provides Mobile Preparedness Kits in DiMora Motorcar's $2 Million Natalia SLS 2 Automobile

World Leader in Automotive First Aid is Latest Natalia SLS 2 Technology Partner

Hauppauge, NY, March 26, 2008 – DC Safety, the leader and pioneer in supplying first aid kits and mobile preparedness to the transportation industry, has joined forces with DiMora Motorcar to debut the most complete mobile emergency preparedness kit ever provided as standard equipment in a production automobile.

Flowtonics Provides Real-time Oil Analysis on DiMora Motorcar's Volcano V16 Engine

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$2 Million Natalia Luxury Automobile is First to Use this Breakthrough Technology

Rochester, NY March 10, 2008 (PRWEB) - Flowtonics, pioneer in the field of inline fluid quality sensors and real-time data analysis, announced today that its systems will provide continuous oil quality monitoring for the DiMora Motorcar Volcano V16 engine, the powerplant driving the American-made $2 million Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan.

$2 Million Handcrafted Luxury Car DiMora Natalia SLS 2 Designed with NVIDIA Quadro Graphics

DiMora Motorcar Relies on NVIDIA Professional Solutions to Engineer Natalia SLS 2

Santa Clara, CA, January 3, 2008 – NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA), the world leader in visual computing technologies, today announced NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics have been selected by DiMora Motorcar to engineer the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, which according to DiMora Motorcar, is the world's most luxurious, expensive, and technologically advanced production automobile.

Mercury Computer Systems to Visualize DiMora's Luxury Automobile, Natalia SLS 2 Sport Luxury Sedan

From engineering design to buyer customization, Patchwork3D interactively shows the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan and every component part

Palm Springs, CA, November 27, 2007 – Mercury Computer Systems is the latest company to become a Technology Partner with DiMora Motorcar in the development of the . Mercury will provide its Patchwork3D software suite to perform interactive realistic viewing of all parts of the $2 million automobile based upon computer-aided design engineering data.

DiMora Motorcar is First OEM to Select HeatFlexx System as Standard Equipment

World's First Heated Frameless Wiper Clears Windshield on $2 Million Supercar

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Von Stach Products (VSP) announced today that its "HeatFlexx" heated frameless windshield wiper will be standard equipment on the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, the world's most expensive production automobile.

The electrically-heated 'HeatFlexx' windshield wiper quickly melts ice and snow. The frameless design of the all-season blade provides continuous even pressure to the windshield, reducing streaks while reducing wind lift at speeds up to 150 MPH. The wiper was introduced at the SEMA and AAPEX auto shows in Las Vegas and is considered by many to be one of the most novel inventions in the automotive industry this year.

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