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2011 Dacia Duster Review - Official photos, features, specs

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Dacia has launched its sixth model: Dacia Duster, a robust, spacious, easy-to-use and affordable off-roader.

Photo: 2011 Dacia DusterPhoto: 2011 Dacia DusterCheck out more new 2011 Dacia Duster pictures in our 2011 Dacia Duster photo gallery

Today’s all-terrain vehicles are often synonymous with bulk, but Dacia Duster is an antidote to that idea. With a length of 4.31 metres and a width of 1.82 metres, Dacia Duster is very compact.

Photo: 2011 Dacia DusterPhoto: 2011 Dacia Duster

Its Megane-size proportions ensure that it is as at home in built-up areas as it is off the beaten track. While it clearly belongs to the world of all-terrain vehicles, Dacia Duster’s lines are not ostentatious.

Photo: 2011 Dacia DusterPhoto: 2011 Dacia Duster

2009 Dacia Logan

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The New Dacia Logan is better than ever!

Four years after the release of the first Logan, Dacia introduces 'New Logan'. The latest version of this celebrated three-volume saloon builds on the same strengths that forged the success of its predecessor, including unbeatable value for money in terms of performance and equipment, plus outstanding cabin space and exceptional reliability.

2009 Dacia Logan2009 Dacia Logan

New Dacia Logan goes even further, however, and features a more contemporary design, as well as a more attractive and more comfortable interior which mirrors the renewal of Dacia as a generous, clever brand.

New Dacia Logan will be introduced across the majority of Western European markets from July 2008. In most cases, its entry level price remains unchanged, making it a more appealing proposition than ever. The model has a three-year or 100,000 Km guarantee.


More contemporary looks

Renault Group Sales Increase 4.3% in a Global Market Up 0.8%

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July 9, 2008 -- “Amid a global economic slowdown that had a particularly strong impact on automotive markets in the industrialized countries, the Renault group pursued the growth started at the end of 2007,” said Patrick Blain, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

2008 Renault Koleos2008 Renault Koleos

• The Renault group’s world sales rose 4.3% in first-half 2008 to 1,325,504 units. The Group increased its global market share by 0.2 points to 3.8%.
• Renault brand sales rose 4% and Dacia sales increased 13.3%. Renault Samsung Motors sales fell 7.2%.

Dacia Warns on Fraud Attempts of People Claiming to Be Dacia Employees

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June 25, 2008 -- Dacia warns on several individuals claiming sums of money to be spent on phone cards belonging to certain mobile telephony companies, in exchange for a Dacia Logan.

Such individuals make random phone calls and introduce themselves as Dacia employees. To win the confidence of the people, they give plausible information, such as name, first name, false addresses, false card series, etc.:

These so-called Dacia employees claim to call in connection to a competition held by Dacia. They give the phone winning notification of the Dacia Logan, to be delivered the next day, provided that the concerned person buys between $100 and $200 worth of phone cards. The abovementioned ask for the loading code.

Worldwide Renault Group Sales Results for May 2008

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June 13, 2008 -- In May 2008, the Renault group sold 219,801 vehicles (PC + LCVs) worldwide under its three brands. Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, up 1.1% compared with 2007. Renault reported a 4.7% increase in worldwide sales, while Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors posted a fall in sales of 21.6% and 9.7% respectively.

2008 Renault Laguna GT2008 Renault Laguna GT

2008 Dacia Sandero Made Available at Dacia’s Agents

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June 2008 -- As of June 4th the 2008 Dacia Sandero, the fifth model of the range, can be ordered within the car maker’s agent network. With a 6,890-Euro entry price and a three-year or 100,000-km guarantee, Dacia Sandero stands out as the most attractive offer in its segment. The new model is available in five equipment versions: -“Sandero”, “Ambiance”, “Preference”, “Laureate” and “Prestige”. Sandero is the first vehicle to display the brand’s new logo.

2008 Dacia Sandero2008 Dacia Sandero

2008 Dacia Sandero

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Dacia Sandero Comes In A Choice Of Four Equipment Levels

05/15/2008 -- Dacia's range in France has been extended with the arrival of Dacia Sandero, a modern, roomy hatchback which joins Logan Saloon and Logan MCV, and which is due to arrive in the compact saloon segment.

2008 Dacia Sandero: Dacia Sandero released in France2008 Dacia Sandero: Dacia Sandero released in France

Starting from June 27, Dacia Sandero is available with its two petrol powerplants: 1.4 MPI 75hp and 1.6 MPI 90hp.

2008 Dacia Sandero equipment level (standard equipment):
• Black upper grille surround
• Body colour front and rear bumpers
• 15-inch steel wheels with mini-wheeltrims
• Black exterior mirrors, manually adjustable from inside the car

Renault Group Reports April 2008 Worldwide Sales Results

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- All signs are positive, with all three brands reporting sales growth in each Region
- Renault group reported an 8.3% increase in sales (PC+LCVs) in April

May 16, 2008 -- In April 2008*, the Renault group sold 228,146 vehicles (PC+LCVs) worldwide under its three brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, up 8.3% compared with April 2007. Renault reported a 7.5% increase in worldwide sales, Dacia 17.1% Renault Samsung Motors 6.6%.

In Europe1, in an expanding market (+7.8%), Renault group sales totaled 147,322 units in April, up 3.5%. Renault reclaimed its position among Europe's top three brands, taking second place in PC+LCVs sales in April.

Renault Group Worlwide Sales Results for First Quarter 2008 Up 6.5%

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April 15, 2008 -- The Renault group sold 638,554 PC and LCVs in first-quarter 2008, for an increase of 6.5% on first-quarter 2007. Renault brand sales were up 4.7%, Dacia sales increased by 37% and Renault Samsung Motors decreased by 9%.

“The Group has grown its sales as forecast, with the launch of four new models in the first two months of the year – New Kangoo PC and LCV, Clio Estate and Grand Modus. Five other models set for launch in 2008, including Koleos and Sandero, will help to further this dynamic” Patrick Blain, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Remuneration Offer as Formulated by Dacia's Management Board

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April 9, 2008 -- The Commission set to negotiate the Collective Work Contract between the Management and the Union, met today, 8th April 2008. The Management came with a new offer on pay rise.

Dacia workers will benefit a gross monthly rise of 210 lei, as of 1st January 2008 and another 90 lei, as of 1st September 2008.

In addition to the pay rise, the employees will receive a 1128-lei bonus, for the 2007 results, to be paid in 94- lei gross monthly brackets, as of 1st January 2008.

The TESA personnel will receive a 13% pay rise from the gross basic salary, made up of a general rise and an individual rise. The TESA personnel will equally receive a bonus for the 2007 results, to be paid as a one-bracket individual salary.

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