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2013 Mini Clubvan review, specs, photos, features

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The new 2013 Mini Clubvan compact van

With two seats, five doors and wall-to-wall MINI style and personality, the MINI Clubvan – the world’s first premium compact delivery van – has it all.

2013 Mini Clubvan photo2013 Mini Clubvan photoFind more new 2013 Mini Clubvan pictures in our 2013 Mini Clubvan photo gallery (28 photos)

With this groundbreaking model, based on the MINI Clubman platform, MINI is translating the brand’s hallmark driving fun and inherent charisma to new applications aimed at the urban user. As the first premium vehicle of its kind, the MINI Clubvan sets new standards of style, quality and driving fun in the small car-based van segment.

2013 Mini Clubvan photo2013 Mini Clubvan photo

For the first time, trend-conscious commercial users can now make a stylish and sophisticated statement when carrying out deliveries to their equally discerning customers.

2012 Ford Transit Connect & Transit Connect Electric Review - Pictures, features, specs

The Ford Transit Connect compact van – named the 2010 North American Truck of the Year at launch – is enhanced for 2012, making a key safety feature standard. In addition, the personal-use XLT Premium Wagon model adds some attractive new exterior colors.

2012 Ford Transit Connect -2012 Ford Transit Connect -See more new 2012 Ford Transit Connect & Transit Connect Electric pictures in our 2012 Ford Transit Connect & Transit Connect Electric photo gallery

“Transit Connect has been a game changer for small business proprietors, a ‘rookie of the year’ in commercial fleets both large and small, and the ideal basis for the fuel-efficient urban taxi of the future,” said Ford Transit Connect Marketing Manager Damoni Hurt. “Building on the platform of Transit Connect commercial and fleet success, we’re putting some additional emphasis on the XLT Premium Wagon personal-use model.”

2012 Ford Transit Connect2012 Ford Transit Connect

2010 Opel Meriva - Official photos, features, specs

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The second generation Opel Meriva is elegantly styled and packed with an array of innovative features engineered to optimize the flexible and easy use of space, making it a champion of ergonomic design.

Photo: 2010 Opel MerivaPhoto: 2010 Opel MerivaView more 2010 Opel Meriva pictures in our 2010 Opel Meriva photo gallery

Opel created a new market segment for small, affordable monocabs when it launched the first generation Meriva in 2003.

Photo: 2010 Opel MerivaPhoto: 2010 Opel Meriva

With its versatile FlexSpace rear-seating system, high seating position and roomy cabin, it consistently led the segment during its lifecycle not only in sales – it has sold more than a million units – but also in quality. The Meriva had the lowest defect rate among 113 different models checked by Germany’s TÜV in 2007.

2011 Mazda5 - Pictures, Features, Specs, Pricing

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Mazda’s Eco-Friendly Multi-Activity Vehicle

This fall, the all-new Mazda5 will hit showrooms across Europe as successor to Mazda’s first generation compact multi-activity vehicle (C-MAV).

Photo: 2011 Mazda5Photo: 2011 Mazda5View more 2011 Mazda5 pictures in our 2011 Mazda5 photo gallery

The original model was popular with families looking for superior functionality in a compact and safe package. Since market launch in 2005, Mazda5 has found 500,000 owners worldwide, 175,000 of them in Europe. It has also won 37 automotive awards, and has consistently been voted one of Europe’s most reliable and safe small vans.

Photo: 2011 Mazda5Photo: 2011 Mazda5

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