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Pininfarina Novelties for the Asian Market at the Beijing Motor Show

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- World preview of three new models designed and developed by Pininfarina for Brilliance and JAC
- Chery A3 Jiaoche and the Chery A3 YunDong, which soon go into production, will also be on display

Turin, Friday, April 18, 2008 -- Pininfarina will be holding the world debut of three cars designed for some of its Chinese clients at the Beijing Motor Show: the Brilliance Junjie station wagon, the JAC A108 and the JAC A107.

The A3 Jiaoche and the A3 YunDong, which were designed and developed by Pininfarina, and will soon go into production, will be on display on the Chery stand.

Pininfarina was the first Italian company to supply design and engineering services to the growing Chinese motor industry, back in 1996.

Chery Will Exhibit 26 Models Under 6 Series at the “2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition”

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April 11, 2008 -- Recently, the reporter got to know from Chery that as China’s national leader in the automotive industry, Chery will exhibit 26 models under 6 series at the “2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition” for an exhibition focusing on the latest research and development achievements of the company in fields including model development, hybrids and new energy vehicles, and power train system.

It is known that the exhibition area of Chery is 2,500 square meters. The exhibits include 26 models under 6 series. Both the area and vehicle quantity exceed the scale of the previous years.

With six series, the exhibition scale reaches a new high

50 Chery Hybrids Selected as the “Green Ambassador” of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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Feb. 18, 2008 -- The other day, a piece of good news came from Chinese Olympic Committee that among the 80 vehicles for Olympic traffic service, Chery won a share of 50 through competing with the participating foreign brands, thus becoming the first Chinese brand to appear in the Olympic Games. By then, a green motorcade composed of Chery cars will serve the Olympic Games. This motorcade consists of 40 Chery BSG hybrids and 10 Chery ISG hybrids, which are both based on the Chery A5 model.

2008 Chery BSG Hybrid2008 Chery BSG Hybrid

Chery Automobile Signs a Distributorship Agreement with South African McCarthy

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December 9, 2007 -- On Dec. 8, 2007, Chery and South African McCarthy Company entered into the Distributorship Agreement in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China. As the representatives from the two parties, Mr. Yin Tongyao, Chairman and General Manager of Chery, and Mr. Jolyon Nash, CEO of McCarthy signed the agreement. This is another milestone of Chery in the South African market since Nov. 2007 when Chery super bulletproof vehicles were exported to this country.

Chery Automobile Acquires a Big Order of Super Bulletproof Cars from South Africa

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November 8, 2007 -- On Nov. 1, Chery Armored and Sateh Afrique from South Africa officially signed a sales contract. It is known that Sateh Afrique will order 200 units of super bulletproof car from Chery. This is another breakthrough of Chery bulletproof cars in the international market since Sep. 23, 2007 when the first batch of bulletproof Eastar was exported to Brazil.

As a famous commercial venture in South Africa, Sateh Afrique mainly deals with electrommunication, mechanical equipment, special safety products, and vehicles etc. Having established branches in 22 countries and regions in Central, South, and West Africa, it is the first agent of Chery super bulletproof cars in southern part of Africa.

First Chinese Super Bulletproof Chery Tiggo3 SUV Launched in China

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November 2, 2007 -- Dressing cars with bulletproof vest, and mine-proof shoes…these are no longer sci-fi. Days ago, Chery presented itself at the 2007 International Criminal Investigation, Drug Suppression and Anti-terrorism Equipment Expo & Technical Exchange Fair with two models, the Chery Tiggo3 and the Eastar bulletproof cars. Succeeding the Eastar, the Chery Tiggo3, combining the advantages of bulletproof vehicle, armored bank vehicle, special purpose vehicle, and ordinary passenger vehicle earned tremendous attention from the participants of the expo with its excellent bulletproof, anti-robbery, anti-smash, anti-crash, anti-theft and cross-country performances. Particularly, those who are from the army and the police showed greater interest to the two Chery models.

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