2008 Model Year Fuel Economy Information

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Beginning with 2008 models, all fuel economy estimates based on new test methods, which EPA finalized in December 2006. The new methods better account for actual driving conditions that can lower fuel economy, such as high speed, aggressive driving, use of air conditioning, and cold temperature operation. The new estimates will give drivers a more accurate estimate of the fuel economy they are likely to achieve on the road. Because of the new methods, the estimates for most 2008 models will be lower than their 2007 counterparts. To aid consumers shopping for new cars, EPA has also redesigned the fuel economy window sticker posted on all new cars and light trucks to be easier to read and understand.

EPA has finalized new methods used to determine the City and Highway estimates that appear on the window stickers of new cars and trucks. The city and highway miles per gallon (MPG) estimates help consumers compare the fuel economy of different vehicles. Although no single test can ever account for the wide variety of driving conditions and styles, the new methods will bring the MPG estimates closer to the fuel economy consumers actually achieve on the road by taking into account conditions such as higher speeds, cold temperature operation and use of air conditioning. The new MPG estimates will take effect with 2008 models.

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