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Awarded the title of "Auto Europa 2009" by the UIGA and the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star ranking, the Alfa Romeo MiTo has proven that it is a success thanks to its clever combination of looks and performance, Italian style and technical excellence aimed at maximum driving satisfaction in total safety.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo -Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo -

The Geneva International Motor Show saw the world debut of the new 2011 range of the Alfa Romeo MiTo, available for purchase across all the major European countries from April 2011.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

Some of the new features include the introduction of the new metal-flake colour (aluminium and mica together) "Bronzo Metal" (bronze metal) with a bold shade and red hues, and two-tone interiors accomplished with brand new upholstery for the dashboard insert and door panels.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

A new high-tech fabric has been developed for the seats, consisting of a smooth, compact elastic mesh yet at the same time fine and shiny like silk, emphasised by the electro-welded graphics with two-tone bronze and black double insert and the “breaked line” titanium sign teamed with the seams on the surrounds and the colour of the dashboard trim. These highly attractive contents emphasise the more elegant spirit of the model.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

The model on display at the Motor Show presents this very stylish colour combination, in addition to the appealing 135 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo engine, teamed with the “Alfa TCT” transmission, which affords excellent performance levels (7.1 l/100 km in the urban cycle, 126 g/km of CO2 and 8.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h), data which are even better than the same engine with manual transmission (where the values are 7.4 l/100 km, 129 g/km and 8.4 seconds respectively). Mention must also be made of the on-board equipment, including the “Blue&Me-TomTom” portable navigation device fully integrated in the dashboard.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

The “Blue&Me–TomTom” is much more than a portable satellite navigation device. It is a genuine infotelematic system which combines practical use with the complete integration with the vehicle's existing systems. It is the result of a partnership between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, the European leader in portable navigation systems, and it exploits the versatility of the Blue&Me system.

Thanks to a practical 4.3” colour touch-screen and a simple and intuitive graphic interface, you can control the navigation functions, your telephone, media player and the information typically displayed only on the trip computer, such as fuel consumption levels and autonomy, as well as a real time indication to achieve the most efficient driving style.

The complete integration of the Blue&Me-TomTom is also a valid support for safety: the control of the features via the controls on the steering wheel and voice commands, the position at the centre of the dashboard which is easy to reach and visible, the electricity supply integrated into the support. Moreover, it can be transferred for other uses like any other portable device.

The “Blue&Me–TomTom” on the Alfa Romeo MiTo also offers “IQ route” technology, to find the best route considering the date and time of travel, calculated through a database that contains traffic information on a statistical basis.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

Thanks to the TomTom Home web application customised for Alfa Romeo, further features will readily become available. These include the on-line updating of maps and "MapShare”, the large internet community with over 5 million registered users who can share information on maps in real time.

Compared to a normal portable satellite navigation system, the "Blue&Me-TomTom" also incorporates the exclusive “Car Menu” to let you display information on the car and all connected devices:

- “Fuel Efficiency”: real-time information on your driving style and suggestions for reducing environmental impact and optimising consumption by changing gear and accelerating appropriately to suit the nature of the route;

- All trip information on a single screen: distance travelled, consumption and range;

- Fuel reserve warning and directions to the nearest filling station;

- Points of interest, Alfa Romeo service centres and LPG filling stations;

- Management of the mobile phone connected to Blue&Me: dialling the number on the touch screen, call management, information, contacts and last call log;

- Browsing function for the media player connected to the USB port, making iPhone and iPod systems perfectly compatible.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

The second car on display presents the "dynamic" spirit of the Alfa Romeo MiTo to the general public: the Swiss venue hosts a model featuring the “Quadrifoglio Verde”, a legendary symbol which over the years has identified some of Alfa Romeo's sportiest products. This exclusive trim level also presents new features with the 2011 range: first and foremost the new front surround under the badge which "widens" the lower part of the front, emphasising the impression of a car which hugs the ground.

The original version stands out for the new high-quality exterior “Quadrifoglio Verde” logos in micro brushed aluminium with the four-leaved clover in relief, situated above the direction indicators; the rear-view mirror casings, the headlight and taillight frames and the handles proposed with an exclusive satinised chrome material; a new sporty seat with a central part in Alcantara®, soft and velvety to touch, teamed with a brand new fabric which is highly resistant to wear; aggressive and highly sporty “totally black” interiors; the details of the two-tone (green and white) artisanal seams on the seats, steering wheel, hand brake lever and knob which are the perfect expression of the trim level's spirit.

There are also a few new optionals: the 18” alloy wheels with specific treatment and the sporty Sabelt seats with a wraparound backrest in carbon fibre made using innovative RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology which teams high mechanical resistance with smaller dimensions and lightness, where the central fabric in Alcantara® stands out thanks to the Alfa Romeo logo, reproduced in an absolutely original way.

Last but not least, the MiTo MY 2011 also affords a new USB and AUX-in socket allowing you to connect your MP3 player directly to the Blue&Me system.

This exclusive version is fitted with the most powerful engine in the range, also awarded by an international jury as the “best new engine of the year 2010”, the 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo. Alfa Romeo has chosen to equip it with some innovative solutions that accentuate the model's outstanding qualities: road grip, agility, safety assist and a driving feeling are emphasised by an engine, which has one of the world's highest specific power values and a chassis worthy of a higher category. This engine's best feature is its outstanding weight/power ratio, which has always been one of the key factors behind Alfa Romeo's success on the road and the racetrack. It is at the top of its category with 6.7 kg/HP. At 124 HP/litre, this engine is also one of the world leaders in specific power.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

This is a particularly important value because it proves the effectiveness of downsizing, aimed at producing high-tech engines to get better performance allied with sharp reductions in fuel consumption and emissions. Indeed, it is this latter area which provides the most surprising evidence of the technical level achieved: 4.8 l/100 km and 139 g/km of CO2 (in the extra-urban cycle) are closer to what you would expect from an economy car than a compact sports car that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 7 seconds.

The MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde also affords the innovative “Dynamic Suspension”, a system which actively and continuously controls the electronic shock absorbers, developed by teaming the designers and road testers of Alfa Romeo with the latest engineering techniques from Magneti Marelli. So, using experience gained on the racetrack, the system allows the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde to excel even further in terms of agility and handling, giving it exceptional driveability and unparalleled safety. Without considering that the Dynamic Suspension system perfectly interfaces with the three different dynamic control settings of the Alfa DNA device (Normal, All Weather and Dynamic) which also controls the other systems that the car features, such as Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), steering, the Q2 electronic differential and the engine.

In short, the Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011 has a revamped image as a high-tech car while retaining its position as a sporty compact car capable of winning over customers who care for details and maximum driving comfort. It is not a coincidence that the high-performance engines in the 2011 range feature the brand new variable response shock absorbers, with by-pass valve, which improve comfort during strains due to roughness in the road, while keeping the vehicle's dynamic control untouched for driving satisfaction that beats the rest in its category.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

In this way, the Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011 is confirmed the one-off “Energy Machine” that, in a length of just 4 metres, is packed with style, agility and technical excellence made for driving satisfaction. And “Energy Machine” is precisely the payoff of the recent campaign that highlights the model's character and fighting spirit, that breath-taking energy that transforms matter into excitement. The same concept is also voiced in the final slogan - "Breathing life into matter means turning it into excitement" - of the new commercial that sets it in centre stage together with the famous French DJ and composer Bob Sinclar.

Photo: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiToPhoto: 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

The Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011 range offers 2 turbo diesel engines (95 HP 1.3 JTDM-2 and a 120 HP 1.6 JTDM with service intervals of 35,000 km), 4 petrol engines: the 78 HP 1.4 and 3 MultiAir engines: the 105 HP 1.4 and two Turbopetrol engines with 135 HP (teamed with manual transmission or with the “Alfa TCT” automatic transmission) and 170 HP.

New 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo specifications, review, photos and images courtesy of Alfa Romeo.

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