2008 Volkswagen Fox

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A new, small Volkswagen with a lot of room and comfort

The Fox is a new, small, smart Volkswagen. A maximum car at minimum cost Comfortable, safe and swift. With two doors, a large hatchback and plenty of room. Independent and powerful. First contact, first impression: a Volkswagen. Second contact, second impression: a Fox. Not a Polo, not a Lupo, not a Golf. A Fox.

2008 Volkswagen Fox2008 Volkswagen Fox

Built where the sun shines almost all the time and the Carnival of Life blusters: in Brazil. There, in Curitiba, a city 350 kilometers air-line distance from São Paulo, Volkswagen has built one of the most modern automotive factories worldwide. The Fox was developed in Brazil and Germany. It is available throughout Europe. The four largest markets are Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain. The Fox is also successful in South America in a similar but not identical version.

The design of this economy model is as crisp as it is practical;
A zinc-plated and laser fused auto body show the commitment to height

The Fox brings an auto body concept to the economy class that offers a good feeling of space with compact exterior dimensions. This is in part because of the relatively high waistline as well as the roof that, especially in the area of the A-line, resembles a van. And indeed, while the length and width of the Fox was completely designed to be swift in city traffic as well as to make full use of even the smallest parking spaces, a look upward shows unlimited growth possibilities. Starting with its proportions this new model stands out among the host of compact cars. The new design of the Fox presents itself as fresh, powerful and independent. Definitely a Volkswagen, definitely a Fox. With clear lines and balanced proportions.

Smartly conceptualized, it is not long but is more than one and a half meters high, because you never run out of vertical parking space. In detail the Fox is 3.82 meters long, 1.66 meters wide (without rearview mirrors) and 1.54 meters high. The wheelbase measures 2.47 meters. Generally speaking the new entry level model isn’t necessarily one of the smallest on the market. It’s not supposed to be. The main goal was to create a well-equipped car with the lowest possible starting price.

Despite sharply calculated prices, the Fox is a full fledged automobile with all the bells and whistles that make a real car. We don't mean the four wheels, but the highly competent carriage that comes standard with ABS (ESP on request), an optional multivariable, adjustable rear bench, a zinc-plated and laser fused chassis and the perfect functionality that has been Volkswagen’s signature since the first VW was invented by Ferdinand Porsche.

The two door version offers a multivariable, length-adjustable rear bench; Fox was intentionally designed as a comfortable four-seater

Crystal clear operating logic and plenty of room characterize the inside of the Fox. Volkswagen decided to design this compact car specifically as a four-seater, in order to equip the back of the car with two proper seats and ample room for two adults. The optional rear bench can be adjusted up to 15 centimeters in length and the seatback can be divided in the middle. Thanks to the adjustment options there is tremendous variability in the cargo area. The cargo capacity ranges from 260 to 353 liters with 4 people in the car. And up to 1,016 liters for a small move, such as a college student’s change of residence, or for transporting various types of large equipment. The length of the cargo space varies between 676 and 1,351 millimeters.

To call the Fox a space giant would probably go too far, but the roomy feeling and the actual available space are remarkable. Fact is: on one hand, the Fox is a city specialist, but on the other hand, it is also great for long trips between cities or on when going vacation. Fact is: this little Volkswagen has a surprisingly large interior. And there is also a system to that. With elbow widths of 1,401 (front) and 1,423 millimeters (rear), the Fox brings unusually large freedom of movement to its class. This means that two grown adults can sit next to each other (even in the back), without having the feeling that their car is a size too small.

One for all in regards to equipment, three motors for individual use

In Europe, the Fox is available with two doors and a large hatchback and basically comes in one version as far as equipment goes. The Fox can be combined with three different motors, ten colors and three interior designs.

Apart from the effective active and passive security features such as Anti-blocking-system and front airbags, a comprehensive comfort package on board comes standard. This includes exterior mirrors which can be adjusted from the inside, cargo-area lighting, a hatch-back windshield wiper with interval settings, interior light with time-delayed switch-off, white and adjustable instrument lighting, red night design for switches, speedometer, the so-called comfort blinker (tip it once = it blinks three times), radio preparedness with four speakers, antenna, electro-hydraulic power steering (55 kW and TDI), dust and pollen filter, warning sound when lights are left on, green tinted heat insulated windows, Make-up mirrors in the sun visors, plenty of storage space including a drawer under the height-adjustable driver’s seat as well as seat pockets on the back of the front seats.

Furthermore, the Fox in Europe races to its buyers with two gas engine versions and a turbo diesel (TDI). All engines meet the Euro-4-Norm and are mounted transversely in the front. The gas engines come in 40 kW / 55 PS and 55 kW / 75 PS. The TDI comes with 51 kW / 70 PS. Thanks to the low maintenance and consumption the engines are an economical way to get around. (For more information, see also Overview of Petrol and Diesel Motors).

Fun and Safety were the prevalent aspects during the development of the Fox chassis. And you can experience that in every meter behind the four-spoke steering wheel of the new Volkswagen. On one hand, the Fox is simply fun, because it neither over nor under steers; because if necessary, it can zip around the corners; because it simply shows the nimbleness of a compact car with tremendous chassis reserve. And that’s the second positive aspect of the chassis: because under normal circumstances it doesn’t come unbalanced – this is a guarantee for groundbreaking active safety in this segment.

Independently tested: Best passenger safety in its class

In two independent crash tests, both Auto Bild and DEKRA as well ADAC certified the Fox with the best passenger safety in its class. From a technical standpoint the high passive safety of the Fox is built through the complex designed, very rigid chassis and also through the airbag and retention systems in the passenger compartment. The driver and front passenger seat airbags come standard in this Volkswagen. Their volume is 60 (left) and 100 (right) liters. On request it can also be furnished with side airbags (14 liters) that are integrated in the seatbacks. All four seats have three-point automatic seat belts and headrests. A warning light signals the driver when necessary that his seat belt is not fastened. Additionally, there is an acoustic warning signal. The front seats also have a seat belt pretension as well as height adjustment. The seat belt pretension is activated through a central control unit depending on the severity of the crash. Also standard in both back seats are integrated hook-ups for Isofix child seats.

Overview of petrol engines

Fox 1.2 with 40 kW / 55 PS: first used in the Polo, the three cylinder – two valve with multipoint fuel injection and 1,198 cc cubic capacity served as a base motor for the Fox. It draws from 1.2 liters cubic capacity 40 kW / 55 PS – enough performance for a top speed of 148 km/h. The top engine output is achieved at 4,750 rpm. But the maximum torque progression is reached 1,750 rpm’s earlier at 106 Newton meters. The Fox 1.2 completes the classic sprint from 0 – 100 km/h in 17.5 seconds. The starter model of the series, when in combined use, only needs an average of 6.0 liters of fuel.

Fox 1.4 with 55 kW / 75 PS: the strongest gas fuel engine is the Fox with 1.4 liter four cylinder engine. The 1,390 cc large motor develops 55 kW / 75 PS at 5,000 rpm and enables agile performance with low gasoline consumption. The maximum torque progression of 124 Newton meters starts at 2,750 rpm. On average, only 6.7 liters of unleaded super gasoline flow through the fuel injection per 100 kilometers. Thanks to the concentrated geometry of the inlet ports and combustion chamber, this engine also shines with very low partial use rates. The Fox 1.4 reaches a maximum speed of 167 km/h and accelerates in 13.0 seconds from 0-100 km/h.

Overview of diesel engines

Fox 1.4 TDI PD with 51 kW / 70 PS: the 1.4 liter-TDI-motor is one of the most modern Turbo diesels in its class. Just like the V10 TDI in the Phaeton or the Touareg, the extremely agile and economic three cylinder has the innovative pump-spray valve injection technology. And that means: power in all situations.

The very compact built TDI was extensively technically modified for its use in the Fox. Thanks to an optimized combustion chamber, new valve contours and advance development injection nozzles, the powerful self-igniter, of course, meets the strict Euro-4 exhaust standards. At the same time, an EGR-cooler for the exhaust return and a modern, modular built turbo charger take effect. A fast responding oxidations catalyst with thin-wall technique provides additional support to reduce the emission rates.

The Fox with its 51 kW / 70 PS strong TDI also proves that Diesel motors not only go economical and environmental friendly but also go to work with temperament. With a maximum torque progression of 155 Newton meters, which is consistently available between 1,600 and 2,800 rpm, it enables a dynamic driving performance. The compact front wheel drive accelerates in 14.7 seconds from 0-100 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of 161 km/h.

Despite these great diving performances, it only uses 4.9 liters of Diesel for every 100 kilometers.

Note: All data and equipment apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries.

More photos: 2008 Volkswagen Fox Photo Gallery

Source: Volkswagen

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