2008 Saab 9-5

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The Saab 9-5 Sedan and SportCombi range is a clear expression of the sporty and multi-dynamic appeal of the Saab brand. Distinctive styling and strong turbocharged performance are combined with outstanding ride comfort, responsive handling and high levels of crash safety.

Positioned in the upper medium segment of the premium car sector, the Saab 9-5 range provides a more individual, self-expressive choice in a marketplace crowded with more commonplace competitors, such as the BMW 5-series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-class and Volvo S80/V70.

2008 Saab 9-5 Aero Sport Sedan2008 Saab 9-5 Aero Sport Sedan

The all-turbo powertrain line-up leads the premium segment in offering a 'tri-fuel' choice of gasoline, diesel or bioethanol powered engines. The range is led by the high performance, 260 hp/ 191 kW Saab 9-5 Aero and includes a powerful yet frugal 150 hp/ 110 kW 1.9TiD option and two Saab BioPower variants offering enhanced performance from E85 (85% bioethanbol/15% gasoline) fuel.

Exterior Design

* Bold, distinctive exterior looks, including dramatic evolution of traditional three-port Saab 'face'.

* Saab styling cues: wedge-shaped profile, ‘clam shell’ hood, 'hockey stick' curvature to C-pillars, oval door handles and triangular-shaped 'cut-out' front indicator and rear light housings

* Color-keyed exterior detailing and integrated bumper moldings. Projector-style headlamp units and flush-mounted rear light clusters

* SportCombi designed as a separate model with unique bodystyling from B-pillar rearwards

* Raked, ‘wraparound’, rear window for SportCombi emphasises sporty character

* Highly competitive 0.29 Cd for sedan and 0.32 Cd for SportCombi

Interior Design and Features
The spacious interior features a ‘cockpit-like’ driving environment and superb seating. The bold, sweeping contours of the cabin and the matte chrome finish to the controls and instrumentation complement the looks of the exterior styling.

* 'Black Room' interior design theme adds sporty interior ambience with all-black door cappings, front fascia and carpeting.

* Dual-zone Automatic Climate Control fitted as standard, allowing the driver and passenger to select a different temperature setting.

* 'ComSense' functionality minimizes potential for driver distraction through 'dynamic workload management', briefly suppressing in-car warning messages/phone calls when moments of high driver workload is detected.

* Saab ‘Night Panel’ restricts instrument illumination and visual ‘clutter’ to reduce distraction during night driving.

* Infotainment options include a choice of three audio systems, all with an auxiliary input socket, and DVD/GPS satellite navigation with a large 6.5-inch color monitor and touch-screen operation

* Optional double front sun visors include a second flap that unclips and can be swivelled to shield the upper side window, making driving into a low sun on a winding road much less distracting.

* Generous on-board storage: pouches on front seat squabs, storage net in front passenger footwell, chilled glovebox, center console with armrest, optional bag hooks in trunk and rear ski-hatch for sedan.

* Adaptable load-carrying for sedan (foldable rear seat) and SportCombi (flat-bed rear deck and cargo securing tracks)

* First passenger car to offer ventilated front seats for additional comfort

* Two interior trim levels or 'forms': Linear and Vector, plus top-of-the-line Aero specification


The all-turbo powertain offers a bioethanol fuel choice - Saab BioPower - in addition to gasoline and diesel. Ranging in power from 260 hp/ 191 kW to 150 hp/ 110 kW, all engines deliver characteristically strong, mid-range torque for safe, secure overtaking.

* All gasoline and BioPower engines controlled by sophisticated Saab Trionic engine management system simultaneously measuring and adjusting ignition timing, fuel injection, turbo boost pressure and the electronic throttle for optimum combustion.

* 260 hp/ 191 kW 2.3 turbo Aero engine leads the range and includes a 'superboost' function, briefly raising torque to exceptional 370 Nm.

* Choice of 150 or 185 hp (110, 136 kW) turbo engines, all with counter-rotating balancer shafts for excellent running refinement, complete gasoline line-up.

* 150 hp/110 kW 1.9TiD engine, with maintenance-free exhaust particulate filter, delivers strong performance and good fuel economy. Maximum torque of 320 Nm exceeded only be Aero engine.

* Unique Saab BioPower engines, 2.0t (180 hp/132 kW) and 2.3t (210 hp/154 kW) on bioethanol-based fuel (E85), giving environmental benefits of reduced CO2 emissions as well as even sportier performance. Flex-fuel capability, able to run on any combination of gasoline and/or E85.

* Automatic transmissions include Saab Sentronic manual selection via steering wheel buttons


Responsive chassis dynamics offer a sporty and rewarding driving experience, with dampers, springs and anti-roll bars all tuned for sharp steering and handling without loss of ride quality and comfort. Front wheel drive provides predictable, secure handling.

* Chassis responses communicated through the steering wheel and driver’s seat, with the seating position located as close as possible to vehicle's center of gravity

* Isolated front and rear sub-frames provide excellent ride refinement by helping to prevent road noise, shocks and vibrations entering the passenger cabin.

* De-coupled MacPherson strut front suspension separates spring and damper load paths into the front structure, improving iisolation from road shocks and improving the separation of ride and handling characteristics.

* Multi-link, independent rear suspension for improved wheel control and ride quality

* Low-mounted steering rack with short tie rods for excellent steering response and precision.

* Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Cornering Brake Control (CBC), a switchable electronic Traction Control System (TCS), ABS and a Saab-developed electronic stability program (ESP®) all fitted as standard.

* 10 mm lowered, sports-tuned chassis and brakes for top-of-the-line Aero models


The Saab 9-5 range benefits from high crash safety levels, as demonstrated by the sedan’s maximum 5-star Euro-NCAP crash test rating and the findings of accident injury surveys by the Highway Loss Data Institute in the United States and Sweden's Folksam insurance company. It is the product of Saab's 'real-life ' safety strategy, incorporating lessons learnt from a detailed analysis of more 6,100 actual road accidents involving Saab cars on Swedish roads.

* Front deformation zone distributes crash forces along three separate load paths
* Predictable frontal deformation almost irrespective of point of impact
* Strong safety cage with joints designed to resist tearing
* Saab Active Head Restraints (SAHR) help prevent neck injury in rear impacts
* Unique ‘pendulum’ B-pillars divert and spread side impact forces
* Two-stage front airbags deployed according impact severity and seat position
* Seat-mounted side impact airbags help provide head and chest protection
* All seating positions have 3-point seat belts include pre-tensioning and load-limiting for front occupants
* Rear seat designed for shifting load protection

More photos: 2008 Saab 9-5 Photo Gallery

Source: Saab

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