2004 HUMMER H1

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Available through the 2005 model year

The 2004 HUMMER H1, which will be available through the 2005 model year, is as rugged and uncompromising as ever. Giving up none of its purposeful function, interior revisions to the H1 add comfort and convenience to the unique HUMMER equation.

2004 HUMMER H12004 HUMMER H1

"The H1 is what started it all for HUMMER," said Michael C. DiGiovanni, HUMMER general manager. "It's the vehicle that drew the interest of adventurous consumers across the nation, as well as the interest of General Motors. It offers superior off-road capabilities rugged enough for Baja and a powerful presence on road. There's really not another vehicle that is in the H1's league."

For 2004, the H1 sports a host of improvements designed to make it more refined and more powerful.

Vehicle Highlights

* New interior introduced in 2004
* Roomier, quieter cabin
* More power and torque –205 horsepower (152 kw), 440 lb.-ft. of torque (597 Nm)
* Available Delphi integrated navigation radio

Refined interior

Visually, the most dramatic improvement is the new interior, raising H1 to a more refined, more upscale plateau.

"Although H1 still has all of the capabilities that made it a huge hit with our service men and women, it's really a new kind of luxury vehicle. In fact, many H1 owners purchase this vehicle in lieu of an exotic vacation or home addition. As such, we felt it was imperative to raise the level of the vehicle's refinement - bringing it more in line with today's luxury vehicles," said Jon Albert, HUMMER interior designer.

A higher level of refinement can be found from the instrument panel to the cargo area, and from door panel to door panel. The result is a more luxurious, more inviting, more accommodating and more spacious interior.

New, high-quality leather seats that feature a more pronounced bucket design for enhanced support and greater comfort and new seatbacks that enhance forward visibility for rear passengers are just the beginning of H1’s new interior improvements.

"The airline leather on the seat inserts, the new color themes, all of H1's standard features - as well as H1's interior roominess - result in a vehicle that has all the comforts of an upscale home," Albert added.

That interior roominess is actually enhanced for 2004, thanks to redesigned overhead and center consoles.

"We looked at the interior design of the previous H1 and realized that we could repackage some elements to create a vehicle that feels even larger on the inside," Albert explained. "For example, by using an integrated six-disc CD changer in place of the 12-disc changer, we were able to give the upper area of the center console a cleaner, sleeker look, while also providing a more integrated look for the glove box."

Additional insulation and a refined powertrain help reduce the 2004 H1’s interior noise levels. The result is a cabin environment that is noticeably quieter.
More power and plenty of poise

There’s also more power in the 2004 H1 because of enhancements made to the 6500 6.5L, turbo-diesel V-8 engine. As a result of the improvement, the 6500 now delivers 205 horsepower (153 kw) at 3200 rpm and an impressive 440 lb.-ft. of torque (597 Nm) at 1800 rpm. That’s 10 horsepower (7 kw) and 10 lb.-ft. (14 Nm) of torque more than the 2003 powerplant.

Yet enhanced performance is only part of the engine’s story. The retuning also enables the 6500 to meet the more stringent emission requirements starting in 2004. It is mated to GM’s Hydra-Matic 4L80-E electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission. Over time, this transmission monitors the customer’s driving technique and adjusts for driving style.

"Customers are always impressed at how nimble H1 is," said Bill Knapp, HUMMER program engineering manager. "It has a turning radius of just 26.5 feet (8.1 m). They are also pleasantly surprised at how manageable H1 is and how well it handles, both on and off road. Credit for this belongs to the four-wheel, fully independent suspension system and variable-rate heavy-duty coil springs."

Providing sure stops are H1’s four-channel ABS four-wheel power disc brakes. To help prevent damage to these – especially during off-road excursions – the brakes are mounted inboard as a component of the axle assembly, rather than mounted to the wheel components.

Four-wheel drive is standard on every H1 and features TorqTrac 4 technology, automatically reducing tire spin on severe terrain or slippery surfaces by applying the brake to the spinning wheel. An Off-Road Adventure Package is available and includes front and rear Eaton ELocker locking differentials for optimum slow-speed capability in climbing over large rocks or long, steep grades.

For 2004, H1 continues to offer those features that make it a standout among SUVs, including a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) and a Runflat Tire System. CTIS enables H1 owners to adjust tire pressure on the move to adapt to varying terrain, while the Runflat Tire System enables drivers to continue driving on a deflated tire for up to 20 miles (32 km) at 30 mph (48 km/h).

Further adding to peace of mind while off road are H1’s low center of gravity, long wheelbase (130 inches/335 cm) and nearly 72-inch (183-cm) track width. The result is a vehicle that is extremely stable – on and off road.

It’s off road, however, where H1 really shines. That’s because the H1 was engineered to tackle the most difficult conditions – from blazing tropic heat to the most frigid arctic, and from the dry and dusty atmosphere of a desert to the muggy tropics.

The secret behind HUMMER H1’s awesome capability is in its DNA. It was originally engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the U.S. armed forces that needed a vehicle with power, agility and durability like nothing in existence. Strip away some refinements and creature comforts, and the HUMMER H1 is still the “HUMVEE” trusted and respected by the U.S. military.

Where does one start in describing H1’s off-road superiority? How about its 16-inch (40.6-cm) vertical ground clearance – almost double that of any other 4x4. Let’s not overlook H1’s dramatic approach and departure angles of 72 degrees and 37.5 degrees, respectively, or the 17-inch aluminum wheels shod with 37-inch tires. You may never encounter it, but there’s a degree of comfort in knowing this vehicle can ford a 30-inch (76-cm) deep body of water.

"The powertrain refinement, the quieter cabin, as well as the luxurious new interior are a great example of what AM General and General Motors can accomplish together," DiGiovanni said. "These are just the latest concrete examples of the benefits derived from maximizing the strengths of both companies."

HUMMER H1 is being offered in four-door wagon and four-door open top models for 2004.

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