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With Honda Motor Company Ltd. As official name, the Japanese public conglomerate deals with engineering and production of cars, planes motorcycles and heavy duty industrial power equipment.

Since 1959, Honda held the title as the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and the biggest engine manufacturer in the world, with no less than 14 million units sold each year.

Soichiro Honda founded the company in October 1946, starting up with a staff of just 12 people working in a small 16 square meter shack. Honda built Thoatsu engine replicas to power bicycles, then the company got incorporated in 1949 for roughly $5,000. In the same year, Honda produced its first complete motorcycle called the D-Type. In just 15 years, Honda grew enough to become the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

In 1961 Honda provided its first automobile, a mini pickup truck that went for sale two years later. In the next decades, Honda cars continued to expand over multiple countries and continents, and in 1986 became the first Japanese automaker to create a luxury subsidiary, Acura, which went to sell cars in North America.

In 1991, Honda released the NSX supercar featuring aluminum monocoque, a V6 mid-placed engine with variable-valve timing (V-Tec). Fast forwarding to current days, the main Honda lineup in the global automotive industry revolves around the Civic, Accord, CR-V and Legend models. There are also vehicles built for particular regions only such as the Honda Odyssey and Ridgeline.

Honda Civic is the second longest running model of a Japanese manufacturer, bypassed only by the Toyota Corolla. Honda currently produces hybrid (HEV and PHEV) and electric cars.

On the sport-side, Honda Civic Type-R held the record of being the fastest front wheel drive car around the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany, the current automotive performance standard for consumer vehicles.

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