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Launched in Canada and the United States back in 1986, Acura represents the luxury face of the Japanese carmaker Honda. Acura targets high performance and luxury cars and was later on introduced to markets in Mexico, Russia and Kuwait.

Acura is also the first Japanese brand solely oriented towards luxury and performance. In the early years, the brand managed to retain a top position in the luxury marquee segment. Witnessing a heavy drop in sales during the 90’s, Acura cars went through heavy redesign during the early 2000s and regained market share with the introduction of numerous new models.

It was Acura’s first flagship vehicle (the Legend) that made other Japanese car brands to launch their own luxury division, thus Toyota opened the gates for Lexus while Nissan launched Infinity.

Acura launched their first supercar in the 90’s. The Acura NSX featured a mid-placed V6 engine, which was coupled to a rear-wheel drive system. The NSX (which stands for New Sports eXperimental) is considered to be the first ever Japanese Domestic Market supercar able to compete against European giants such as Porsche or Ferrari. Furthermore, with an all-aluminum body, Acura NSX featured ease of use and increased reliability, earning “everyday supercar” badge.

Before the NSX supercar, Acura had another famous sportscar in the business: the Integra. Initially available as a 5-door and 3-door hatchback, it wasn’t long before the car was fitted with a Type-R package. The sports package reduced gross weight, stiffened the suspension and boosted power, making it a popular choice for speed enthusiasts in the 1990s.

In 2013, Acura released the company’s first hybrid engine. The unit was mounted on the RLX flagship sedan and could have been witnessed for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show. At the time, the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD was also the most powerful drivetrain available in the lineup.

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